Eat Your Greens & Rockstar Reds are Back!

November 9, 2009

We’ll refer to these little gems as “the second generation,” as they are a bit different.  They are printed with the finest archival inks onto a lovely Epson paper, a tad smaller than the originals, they measure 5″x5″.  Each comes hand-signed by yours truly, and is guaranteed to add a little spunk to your kitchen!  The best part?  Only $12 per print!!!





Now if I could just decide which to hang in my kitchen?  Check out the full line up of Foodies at The Produce Stand.

5 Responses to “Eat Your Greens & Rockstar Reds are Back!”

  1. Yea! I’m glad to see they are back!!!
    Don’t be torn as to what to hang up…that’s the good thing about being the artist – you can switch them out as you please!

  2. Thanks Vicki…I’ve yet to hang any pictures on the walls around here…lol! I don’t know why I have to turn it into a science…

  3. I’m the same way…I’m a year into our new house and I still have framed art leaning against the wall in the spare room, because I can’t decide where to hang it.

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