Back to Blackbeard

March 11, 2010

Not yet…but when the weather improves.  In the meantime, finally getting around to documenting some of our trips.

Sapelo Drifting – (complete?)

pen & ink with watercolor

©2010 Heather L. Young

7 Responses to “Back to Blackbeard”

  1. AJ Says:

    I loove this gentle, serene scene…you have reflected so well the spirit of this place – I have not yet had a chance to visit but I looked at your previous post and the photos in it…..lovely scenery and I think you already know how much I looove that moss….
    oxox AJ

  2. It IS a serene scene (though with the name, I think it must be an exciting adventure to visit).

    • Thanks gals! It’s definitely peaceful, and there is a sense of adventure when we go…not just the name…but we (Granny and I) run around the island like we’ve been marooned looking for all sorts of treasures…more to come!

  3. Dad Says:

    I LOVE IT!!!

    Glad that cat is gone! Sorry it was freaking me out!

    Love you!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I checked out your blog, you have some lovely work too! And your mini-pom is too precious…(my mom has had poms all her life…so I’m a sucker for them!)

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