Table Dressing

April 1, 2010

It’s important.  (Especially if one lacks decent cooking skills.)

Let it be known, that if Nick had his way…(which he will not)…there would be a stash of paper napkins smack dab in the center of our table.  Aren’t these faux artichokes delightful?  I’ve eyed them for many years in my mommy-in-law’s condo.  Thanks to her redecorating, I not only acquired them, but also a perfectly matching bowl for them to rest in.  They have, however, been temporarily relieved of their central duties, and replaced by these…

Thank you Easter Bunny (aka Mama-Bear) for the lovely tulips!  Fresh trumps faux any day.

7 Responses to “Table Dressing”

  1. I love that yellow with the green in your kitchen. Looks like a bright, happy place 🙂

  2. Michelle Martin Says:

    Your mother in law – always has had great decorating tastes and always goes ALL out for every holiday. Even though I don’t live behind her now, I’m sure that house is decorated for Easter!!! Gotta love Peg!

  3. mom Says:

    very nice sweetie. and so glad you are enjoying the flowers.

    love ya!

    Easter Bunny

  4. AJ Says:

    Wow, those artichokes are just soooo real-looking – lovely table arrangement! Hope you and Nick had a super Easter! ox AJ

  5. Sandy Traub Says:

    If you offer these prints with watercolors for young people, or do a mini-class, would you contact Jane at Amethyst Inn — Tell her Sandy suggested you contact her. They are a family-friendly inn. Great folks!

  6. […] of fresh fruit, delicately displayed in our large wooden salad bowl (he knows the importance of  table dressing ).   I have also been supplied with fresh meds, clean sheets, and the very best thing to cure […]

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