September 11, 2010

…it finally caught me.  Quite frankly, I don’t think it’s as dreadful as some make it out to be…I’ve been looking forward to it for some time.  The very fact that I survived my twenties, makes me feel like I’ve earned a badge of honor.  So here goes, 30 wishes for the next 30 years:

1.  Keep living the dream…art is my life, not just my livelihood.

2.  Travel more…Italy would be a nice start

3.  Patience (I may still be working on this when I’m 70 but it’s worth a shot)

4.  Take a road trip with Nick and Vayda and hit up every Diner, Drive-In, or Dive we’ve seen on the food network.

5.  Spend more time with my girlfriends…I’m truly blessed to have such good women in my life

6.  Try my hand at parenting a real human sibling for Miss Vayda (no real rush here)

7.  Open a studio space up outside of my house…an ocean view would be nice

8.  Learn to ice skate

9.  Take some photography classes

10.  and some jewelry making classes…

11.  while I’m at it, maybe a culinary class or two (who am I kidding? I hate to cook)

12.  but I would like to have a nice organic garden one day…with all the fixin’s

13.  Find more time to read…it’s better for the imagination than the tele

14.  Illustrate a book for kids (currently working on a little collaboration)

15.  Spend more time plein air painting…preferably on that giant canvas I’ve been meaning to construct

16.  Cut back on my Coca-Cola intake…this might just kill me..

17.  Construct a super cool tree-house for weekend get-a-ways

18.  Have a pet bunny…why does everyone else get to have a bunny but me?!

19.  Restore the antique card catalog that’s been taking up space in my studio for 5 or 6 years

20.  Go back to Jamaica with Nick – yea mon!

21.  Tahiti with Leslie

22.  Buy a boat…it’ll help with the plein air landscapes right?

23.  Work on being a little more spontaneous…(i’m a little too plan / list oriented)

24.  …and I’m all out of wishes…but considering I’ve only been 30 for 10 hours or so, I might just come back to it later….

5 Responses to “30…”

  1. Happy Birthday! Welcome to the 30 club. It’s really not so bad 🙂 Well, with the exception that I’m not just magically in shape all the time…my greatest 30 resolution is to be more in shape (so a day of weeding doesn’t leave me sore all over, like I’m feeling right now). And if you figure out how to cut back on Coke, let me know. I LOVE my daily Coke, so much. Can’t wait to see those Italy-inspired paintings 🙂

  2. Terry Says:

    Happy birthday, Switch to Kroger Big-K diet cola but don’t quit. “Parenting a real human” is the best chance for happiness.

  3. Dad Says:

    30’s are great! Enjoy and start marking off those goals! It is a great list of to do’s!

    Love You

  4. mom Says:

    i’m very proud of you and look forward to seeing you make your list come true. one question, nick doesn’t get to go to tahiti?

    love you,


  5. Thanks y’all! It was fun to celebrate over the weekend and reflect on the 20’s a bit. Glad to hear I’m not the only one that’s hooked on Coke, and Terry, I’ve tried the Big K (to save a few bucks)…no can do…my coke is too precious…lol! and Mom, NO, Nick does not go to Tahiti, that’s just for me and my girl…

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