Photographs and Memories…

September 30, 2010

Jim Croce sang about it…and I suppose you could call me a  memory hoarder.

Dried Gerber Daisies

Suggestions for dried Gerber daisies?  I’d be okay just salvaging one, but they’ve sat on my desk for nearly a year (362 days to be exact) with no real inspiration coming to mind.

6 Responses to “Photographs and Memories…”

  1. Dan Hutt Says:

    I know nothing, but I love the Jim Croce reference and the fact that you know precisely the # of days you’ve had them. I would do something on the morning of the 365th day–3 days from now–and call it “Memory Hoarder” or “Nature on the Shelf.” And I’ll give it a Croce-esque soundtrack.

    • Thanks for stopping by Dan…yes, that would be the perfect name for a project like that…they must get off of my desk soon before i lose my mind! P.S….every time I see your name pop up, Snowing in Savannah gets stuck in my head!

  2. Maybe frame one up in a shadowbox? It could hang on the wall or set on your desk.

    Ps…I love that one of your tags is ‘hoarder.’ You make me laugh. And think about the collection of leaves, feathers, acorns and pinecones that I removed from a table yesterday to dust…they really need to go somewhere, too.

  3. Jessica Golden Says:

    I saw some clear coasters in Hobby Lobby, where you could insert your own photos or fabrics or whatever. You could probably also find small square photo frames with the clear backs that could function the same way, or as wall decor.

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