Gordonston Magnolia

July 9, 2011

I waited months for this Magnolia tree to bloom. Complete with a sweet little swing, it is by far, the most perfect specimen I’ve seen in Savannah.  While I usually work in a series, this one might stand alone.  Unless, I can find the Windsor Forest Giant that my brother and I spent countless summers climbing…sentimental value and what not…

Gordonston Savannah Magnolia Tree Pen and Ink by Heather L. Young

Gordonston Magnolia

11×14 inches, pen & ink on natural paper

©2011 Heather L. Young

6 Responses to “Gordonston Magnolia”

  1. Dan Hutt Says:

    Very beautiful. Well done.

  2. Little Skew Says:

    Lovely picture, the detail is amazing

  3. buria Says:

    touching…truly amazing..i just wanted to know how you drew the leaves with pen?

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I drew those leaves very tediously. I also draw my originals larger than the prints most times so that I can fit all those tiny details into the mix.

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