completely unsatisfied…

August 13, 2007

Spent all of last night working on compositions for a series of new pet portraits…the ideas are feeling a bit “forced” since I am on such a tight time frame for other commissions…best described as “painters block.”  Anywho…it’s not a good feeling…looking forward to skipping town in 8 days to get a little “refresher.”

I knew that sooner or later, I would run out of time to keep up with this blog.  So here’s the run down of everything that has happened during this brief lapse of time:

  • Two Illustrations for Skirt!
  • A pencil sketch of a  lovely home
  • Designed a sign for a B&B
  • Walked right into a store window instead of through the door…yes, I really did do this and would have laughed at myself had I been a bystander…now nursing a busted knee.
  • Treated myself to a white-chocolate martini…a remedy for pain in the knee
  • Cleaned out my closet and color coordinated it…despite the fact that it will only stay that way for a few weeks…

Now that you’re caught up, I’ll do my best to write daily…


August 6, 2007

itching to work on another pet portrait…if you’re an artist, you can most certainly relate, that so often you spend time working on projects for other people, rather than for yourself…people tell me all the time…”oh i bet you have murals ALL over your house…”  nope, not even one…too busy working on projects for others.  Maybe I need to feed my creative energy with a quick sketch of Ms. V.

sketching marathon…

August 3, 2007

It seems to be wedding season for my pals, and I’m feeling the push to get an enormous amount of work done prior to traveling to various events.  So much to do, so little time.  I suppose it’s better to be a busy artist than not right?  I mean if my eggs weren’t in too many baskets at all times, I would probably be bored out of my mind…and weddings are the perfect excuse to buy fun little dresses…

art in the park

August 2, 2007

Another Art in the Park Lesson with the Apprentice.  She’s been very interested in stylized works, so we did a quick lesson in the process of abstraction.  Introduced Mondrian, curvilinear and rectilinear to her vocabulary, and worked on a few watercolor techniques.  A lot to take in for your average 12 year old, but each time I watch her work, I am reminded that she is anything but average.  The sense of form in her gesture drawings is amazing…a real joy to watch her emerge as an artist.


sketching madness

July 30, 2007

Spent the weekend sketching and sketching for Skirt! Magazine. A total of 16 rough sketches and 3 color comps before I finally settled on 2 to paint…(I am soooo indecisive!) 5 layers of oil wash currently on each painting…and many more to go. It looks to be a marathon week.

(please note the color comps featured below were completed sometime back…I don’t want to “let the cat out of the bag” on the new “Taste“…)


All artwork copyright Heather L. Young 2007


July 28, 2007

Every morning this week has had an unpleasant surprise.  I woke up this morning, turned the coffee pot on, and let Ms. Vayda outside.  Almost instantaneously, she jumped about 6 feet and tucked her tail.  After collecting herself, she looped around the patio and zeroed in on a particular spot in the yard…worried she was into something, I walked outside and found a creepy-crawly, slithering, evil little snake next to my patio door.  While I love nature, I’m not a big fan of snakes, eels or anything that has no legs for that matter.  After a quick google search, I’ve found the official term is Ophidiophobia.

Tuesday marked my first private art lesson with an extremely talented, and determined young woman…I think I’ll refer to her as my “apprentice.”  Upon her arrival, her mother presented me with a lovely bottle of wine, and as I discovered later, this beautiful hand written note.


…so this all got me thinking about the “modern” world we live in now, and how so many of us have forgotten the joy of opening up a hand-written note, let alone, sending one via good old snail mail to a friend.  I’ve always kept a shoe box filled with old hand-written notes, a stockpile of endless inspiration, and memories of years gone by.  I remember vividly as a kid, checking the mailbox everyday to see if I had some unexpected special note or package.  I don’t know when that sense of excitement left me…(probably when e-cards were created)…but this little note with it’s organic penmanship and kind words, has inspired me to ink out my own, “just because” note, to someone that least expects it.

…updates on lessons with the Apprentice still to come.

puppy portrait

July 24, 2007

Vayda’s puppy portrait is finally complete…of course, as soon as I frame it, there will be something I want to change…but for the moment, I’m satisfied. The image below is a bit cropped, the actual painting is a little taller and a little wider…just didn’t have time to piece together scans this morning…in fact, I’ve spent the greater part of my morning taking care of a sick pup. I woke up this morning and stepped into a pile of vomit…(she’s not looking so cute now is she?)…poor baby!

Vayda Puppy Portrait2

All artwork copyright Heather L. Young 2007

Puppy Fever

July 16, 2007

This sweet little pattern inspired me to finally get started with Vayda (aka Vayda-Monster’s) portrait. She is three now, and much more rotten than in those early days…although her litter was found near a dumpster, the vet seems to think Chow Chow and Jack Russell Terrier are in her genes…I believe she has more of the latter, but for her puppy portrait, I want to exude the sweetness that first drew us to her…oh I miss those puppy days!


All artwork on site copyright Heather L. Young 2007