Heather L. Young, a southern artist, who favors illustration, painting, murals, vintage fabric, rhinestones, and wedding goodness!

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Gene Cayce Says:

    We are building a Savannah/LowCountry guide/directory/news etc website. We have the ability to place your rss feeds on our site & link the story descriptions back to your blog site. May we have your permission to help promote your blog? Please email us if you have any questions. Are you in Savannah? The “under construction” is http://www.easysavannah.com . We found you at The Creative Coast. Thanks, Gene Cayce

  2. Thanks Gene, I am indeed in Savannah…and would greatly appreciate you including my little blog on your site! Thanks for stopping by and I’ll look forward to seeing easysavannah.com grow!


  3. Coleman Purcell Says:

    We are putting together a brand and would like to use your drawing of a Live Oak as our logo with your premission. Email me your thoughts on the subject at genuinelysouthern@gmail.com.

    Thank You for you Consideration,
    Coleman Purcell: CEO

  4. Peggy McCall Says:

    I would love to use your Welcome to Savannah Stamp graphic in our program booklet. (We make no money and do not sell the booklets as they are handed to our members at our state convention here in Macon, GA in April and our regional conference in Savannah in July.) We are a group of key women educators in the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, Psi State, Georgia. I will be happy to add your name and source and I believe it would be great free advertisement for you.Please email me your questions or response. It is beautiful and perfect!!!

    Thank you!

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