Happy Halloween!!!

October 31, 2011

Nick and I love Halloween, so much so, that our Halloween decor was out prior to the end of September.  As yet another testament to what a crazy year 2011 has been, Nick and I looked at each other last night, in complete disappointment.  Neither one of us bothered to suggest pumpkin carving this year, and that’s just sinful.  So for all you longtime blog readers, there is no contest today.  I will, however, give you a sneak peek at our Halloween decor…

Halloween Mantle Decor

We have a flock of black birds perched all over the house, bleeding candles, and the bust of Abe Lincoln (I’ll save that story for another post)…oh and the empty frame is just a reminder that something needs to eventually go there…I’m waiting for it to speak to me.

Black Bird Halloween Decor

It’s a bit like Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” around here, though Nick would suggest I meet those standards year-round.

We did, however, find time to attend a fun little Halloween Party with friends.

Nick and Heather Clark Griswold and Black Widow for Halloween

Clark Griswold and The Black Widow

Wishing you all a safe, fun, and wonderful Halloween!!!

The folks over at the new Craft Corners Blog asked me come up with some crafty goodness for a guest blog post.   I had a lot of requests for an Ink Transfer tutorial after I made my Wedding Tree Tags, so I thought I’d roll with that idea.  Skip on over to  Craft Corners for my step-by-step tutorial on how to make No Sew Monogrammed Cloth Napkins.  Seriously, one of the easiest and most versatile techniques you’ll ever come across!

guest blog post diy monogrammed napkins no sew ink transfers

A wedding gift for dear friends, Val and Pat, these wedding invitations are tricky little monsters!

layered wedding invitation with custom floral pattern

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll notice that  the pattern is a combination of ink and bleach and acrylic swatches.  We aimed for rich jewel tones and a painterly style, and printed them with archival inks onto velvety fine art paper.

layered wedding invitations with custom floral pattern

They are delicately held together with a teeny-tiny little brad, with the last page consisting of an RSVP postcard.

layered wedding invitation assembly line

Here’s where I left off after an unfortunate run in with my x-acto last night…I’m using this as the perfect excuse to finally throw down on Martha’s blade, and to get out of washing dishes…66 left to assemble.

Happy Mail!

April 6, 2011

Delighted to find a hand quilled card in my mailbox yesterday!

Hand Quilled Floral Card

Thanks for thinking of me Val! Can you believe we’ve been friends for 1/2 of our lives now?!  Where does time go?

I have been working on these for the longest time.  Special thanks to Kristin (a lovely bride I’m working with) for getting me motivated!

Hand Stamped Savannah Wedding Welcome Bags with Forsyth Park Fountain

Bags are made of eco-friendly kraft paper and hand stamped by yours truly!  Monogrammed Soaps and Savannah Fountain Notes sold separately.  For all the details, and purchasing info, hop on over to TheInkLab.

more ink and bleach…

February 17, 2011

…finally bought that dip pen…NOT a good idea to use with bleach, but it produced for a little while…

ink and floral bleach frame

ink and bleach floral patternink

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2011

Thomas Jay makes his official card debut!

Thomas Jay Valentine

Limited edition of 1 – just for my Valentine xo

pen & ink, cut paper and some really sorry calligraphy