June 2, 2008

It’s been a while…(I think)…since my last blog rant…but here goes.  Computers…mine is about as good as a boat anchor.  Nick and I have planned an unfortunate end for this machine, as soon as a replacement arrives.  (If I can wait that long without bashing it to bits)  I thought they were supposed to condense and simplify our lives?  I promise to dutifully blog when this machine allows for it,  but note that I am at its mercy.   A swift and memory loaded  successor is in the  works…as are several paintings, drawings, and  new endeavors.

oh boy…

April 26, 2008

It’s been one heck of a week…planning for the Gordonston Art Fair has proved a real chore.  This is a rather new arena for me, and I’ve become ultra OCD about preparations for this event.  Who knew picking out table cloths could consume so much of one’s life?  Finding a tent also proved to be a challenge, but the real problem lies in my lack of help.  Nick has become violently ill, and every single one of my backups is out of town!!!  (how you all managed to be away this weekend is beyond me…)

So I’ve recruited Granny.  At just under 100 pounds, one might think she wasn’t capable of such strenuous work.  I assure you, she can handle her own…and she’s far handier than most men I know.  While I will try to keep her load light to ensure I don’t get any dirty looks…know that it is really her that is behind any tent rising.  (Granny, if you’re reading this, thanks for coming to the rescue)

artist statement

April 3, 2008

Seems so unnatural to try and capture my creative spirit into a “statement.”  Seems to me the “statement” should be found in one’s work…and that perhaps the “statement” should translate differently for each individual viewer…

Didn’t have much choice but to produce one…and so here it is…as best I can put into words:

As children we have such a pure sense of creativity and the world around us.  Unfortunately for most, this sense is lost along the path to adulthood.  My goal as an artist is to dissect and explore the world around me, to pay homage to the folks who have supported my dream and kept my creative spirit alive, and to inspire the youth of today to hold onto their creative instincts.

I explore a variety of mediums when it comes to art.  I love the idea of working in a traditional style of pen & ink. It’s a rhythmic process that brings me back to my roots.  Mural work provides the greatest challenge, as it is a life consuming process where the possibilities are endless.  Illustrating with Acrylic & Oil Wash allows me to study color like a science, and dissect my subject matter down to pure composition.  I thrive on learning new techniques and refuse to conform to any one method of creation.

I currently find myself inspired by time spent in the kitchen with my loved ones.  While I cannot cook to save my life, food illustration is my way of capturing some of those fun memories.

Everyday I wake up inspired to create.  I keep an open mind as to where my creative journey will take me, and I’m eternally grateful to have held onto that pure creativity from my youth. 

And there you have it.  My statement.

So I was going to write a blog this morning…however…as of I right now I can’t hear myself think…quite literally…turns out my house is infested with termites…(just a lovely thought that bugs are all around me….)…worse off, the process of drilling and drilling and drilling, is rattling not only my book shelves…but my BRAIN!  Hopefully I’ll still have it in me to write something of interest when all this noise ends…GRRRRR!!!!

Seems old Phil predicts the worst….I’m ready to see some green on this tree


and Vayda’s not happy about it either…


*****UPDATE*****   Turns out Puxatawney (how you spell that is beyond me…) was the only bad groundhog this year.  Our dear General Beauregard Lee, a native of good old Georgia, did not…I repeat…did not see his shadow!  Thanks Beauregard, sorry to have paid so much attention to that little hog up in PA.

I’ve spent the greater part of the past three days diligently trying to redesign a promotional postcard.  For whatever reason I can’t seem to get the layout “just right”…and it’s making me go coco-bananas…(no really…I’m on the verge of going bats%#t crazy)  My father would tell me to “go ahead and put it out there…not to worry about the fine details”…but that’s hard advice to follow when part of your job description is to be a detail freak.   So there’s my excuse…(for not posting something worthy of you reading…)  Hopefully, by the end of the day I’ll “have it together”…but the bad news is, I have 2 others to design…

feeling a bit “off”

December 13, 2007

I guess that’s no surprise considering I devoted an entire blog to the Magic Rub Eraser yesterday…but anywho…my head is just in way too many places at once, and I’ve inhaled a few too many paint fumes this week…oh and something is “off” in my hip, feels like one leg is 3 inches shorter than the other…that can’t be “right.”  (If anyone knows a quick fix for this…do tell)

i knew it would happen

December 9, 2007

ok…so i know it’s not the first time nor, sadly, will it be the last, but people, how hard it is to use a crosswalk?  Just two weeks ago I watched a young couple maneuver their baby stroller through traffic on Montgomery Crossroads…makes me sick sick sick!  Is it that hard to walk to the corner and wait for the signal?  Do parents neglect to teach their children how to cross the road or ride a bike these days?   Speaking of bikes, I wish I had my camera yesterday…at the intersection of Derenne and Habersham, I watched as a young man crossed Derenne like he was Frogger on a bike.  Of course he was riding against traffic, not with it, and had a look of shear relief when he finally made it across without being squashed….meanwhile, there was another woman on a bike at that particular intersection, that exact time yesterday…there she was waiting patiently at the street light…like she should be…for the light to turn green, before she attempted to cross…is that really hard to do or something?  I mean, I don’t have a bike, but I have a clue!  Just one of those things, I just don’t get.  Hopefully this guy will get a second chance…(and maybe teach others crosswalk safety.)


November 26, 2007

I think I consumed too much turkey and pie this week, because my brain has apparently “checked out”…I went to grab my camera this morning…(to show you this great addition to my latest mural…)…and GONE!  Figures I would leave it in my brother’s truck, and not realize it until I wanted it…aside from the great picture I would have taken, I also have several pictures on there that can’t be lost…so I hesitate to put it in the mail…GRRRR!!!! Not the way I wanted to start my week…

a note on ethics…

November 15, 2007

I am by no means a lawyer, but I do happen to know a thing or two about copyright laws, my basic rights as an artist/designer, and professional ethics.   A few things to note:

“Current copyright law automatically “protects” original artwork from the moment it is created, even without a copyright notice.” Graphic Artists Guild  (always put the little ” © ” on your work…)

“The test of an infringement is whether an ordinary person would say that one work is copied from the other; the copying need not be exact.” Graphic Artists Guild 

With modern day technology making it easier and easier to obtain imagery, it is important as an artist, that you know your rights, and inform others when they have infringed upon them.  No this does not mean I would sue your pants off if you unknowingly violated my copyright…but I would let you know you had infringed upon my copyright, and ask that you either financially compensate me for the use of my image, or discontinue using it.  (artists have to eat too…)

If you are a fellow artist/designer/illustrator, make yourself familiar with the Graphic Artist’s Guild.  If you don’t care to join, it pays to at least buy a copy of their sourcebook.  It offers easy to understand guidelines on a variety of topics, one of which is copyright law.

So there!  Oh and all artwork on this site is  © 2007 Heather L. Young