Fat-Free Fruitcake that is! Check them out over at The Produce Stand. Oh yeah, did I mention they make their debut at only $15!  And well…it wouldn’t fair to have Rockstar Reds on Sale without ALSO running the $15 sale on the Eat Your Greens series…so go shop around and have some fun!  Hope you like!



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Beets for the Shrute in You

November 11, 2008

Aside from fitting in with the series for obvious color choices, beets are my homage to the greatest tv show on the planet right now.


Beets for the Shrute in You, ©2008 Heather L.  Young

Of course I’m not the only person paying tribute this week.  The Brosef, all the way from the tropical paradise that is Costa Rica, finds time to watch the greatest show on earth.