Britt’s got me inspired…8 self-portraits in 8 days.  A tall order for someone who’s been pretty neglectful to the blog world lately, but a good excuse to find myself underneath the heap of work and daily stressers that have consumed me as of late….There’s no rules and regulations, any medium you wanna use, and if you wish to  jump on board and participate just leave a comment on Britt’s post, so we can all keep up with each other.

warm up exercise – blind contour

blind contour self portrait

next the gesture drawing

self portrait gesture drawing

a quick study straight outta bed this morning…slept with my lil yellow rose earrings all night.

I won I won I won!

September 6, 2009

A super fabulous print from the very talented Britt Herman! Oh and if you like artists that actually keep up with their blogs (October’s not far off people, and then I’m back on track I swear it!)  she’s a good one to follow.  A great journey this girl is on, check it out.


“She is Flight” ©2009 Britt Herman

Thanks Britt!  As soon as life settles a bit, I’ll be sure to find her a notable spot in my home.