January 27, 2010

…I admit it…I got back from all the holiday travel, and slacked off.  I had some time to play with,  to paint things that have been on the list for a while…but I just couldn’t turn on the “self-motivate” switch…It wasn’t for a lack of ideas either…I’d pick up the pencil, and it just wouldn’t connect.  Perhaps it was a bad list to work with?  Whatever the cause, it was a  terrible little box to be in.  (Any of you other artists out there get what I’m sayin’ ?)

Thankfully, I’ve emerged from that box with more ideas than I can possibly get down on paper in the next year…I’m feverishly making lists of things not to forget, and eagerly waiting for the art supply store to open this morning…It’s such a vast contrast to the unmotivated me, and it’s like I can switch over night.  Nick says I’m either “all art” or “not.”  I’m not sure which “me” he fancies most, but he’s certainly living with the both of us whether he likes it or not.

I’d write more, but I currently have 4 lists in front of me, and this blog barely made the cut….gotta roll with this vibe while I’ve got it!

out of control

May 11, 2009

and out of focus for that matter.


This (along with spacey blog posts) are the result of wedding prep and house hunt and family obligation.  Please forgive.  Even if I found the inspiration, I wouldn’t know what to do with it, or how to organize it right now.  If Vickie lived within a three state radius, I’d commission her to give my studio some much needed love.  Just look at how conducive her space is to creativity?  Dreamy.  I know.

it must be genetic…

October 21, 2007

I think I’m slowly turning into my father…used to be my internal clock had me up pronto at 7:30am…yet for the past 5 days, I’ve been up (on average) at 6am.  Sad thing is, I’m still going to bed at the same time…roughly midnight.  Yep, it must be genetic.  Also seems, I can rest my head on the couch, slip into a complete dream state, and drool on the pillow…(all within 20 minutes…)   The good news about all this, is the tranquility this time of day provides.  It allows my creativity to flourish, and I’ve finally made some progress on “logo madness.”  Images to follow shortly…suffice to say, it’s all been hammered out, just playing around with colors for the moment.

Let’s see if Dad aka Big Al, actually reads my blog…