One thing I love about Savannah are all the little hidden courtyards and carriage houses.  As if the houses on the street aren’t charming enough?!

West Gordon Street Carriage House

custom pen & ink

11×14 inches

I love it when a customer commissions a custom pen and ink drawing and gives me a little back-story, history, or memory about the property.  The slatted windows, the barn built by hand out back, the crooked little sidewalk…this house was loved.

black and white pen and ink drawing of old family home

so much so, that they couldn’t decide between black and white and color, so I made a hand-watercolored print in addition to the original sketch…

pen and ink drawing with watercolor washes custom house drawing painting

Ahhhh…red doors!  I ADORE red doors!!!  (though I doubt if my homeowners association would approve)

If you’d  like to commission a drawing of your old family home, (and with the Holidays approaching, now is an excellent time), remember that I can make inexpensive archival-quality prints of Grandma’s house for the whole family….large or small, hand-watercolored or black and white, lots of options to choose from!


despite my lack of promotion this year….I received this nice little inclusion on Creativitae. Thanks Aimee!

Oh and don’t forget!  I have my $200 special going on in The Ink Lab! Commission those Christmas inks now, and save $50!  Special thanks to all of you who have already commissioned yours…(I’d post, but they’re Christmas gifts people…can’t be ruining any surprises around here)

Happy Tuesday!


June 23, 2008

Country Inn & Suites! Sorry I didn’t make it out in Savannah’s storms for your grand opening…I hope you had a great turn out, and that business will prosper.  For those of you who don’t know, Country Inn & Suites has just opened on the corner of Harris and Montgomery streets in the Historic District.  Every bit of attention has been paid to detail here….I highly recommend you check it out the next time you’re floating around over there.   The best part…it’s right close to Noble Fare…if you haven’t checked that little dream of restaurant out yet, be sure to read their review here.

©2008 Heather L. Young, FLYoungStudio

Oh and special thanks to Jennifer, for your support of my work.  I look forward to working with you in the future!