deciphering doodles

January 9, 2009

Totally mindless doodles here…



If you believe the Diary:

Long Necks = I’m pretty conventional and moralistic…(some would agree)

Hard pressure applied with use of pen = indicates tension…(not too much of a stretch)

Bird (if you call that a bird) = “high flying” ideals, the wish to fly away, the ability to rise above earthly problems (he does kind of resemble an alien?)

Rabbits = represents speed and sexual immaturity?

Long Legs = say I’m self-reliant (I’ll take this one)

Large Eyes = I’m suspicious, hypersensitive, and occasionally hysterical.   hmmm….

I’ve concluded that all of this must be taken with a grain of salt, as the book provides no real definition for the common thread found here…antlers?

all sketches copyright Heather L. Young


January 4, 2009

This new gift bestowed on me by none other than Ms. Bekah.


I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I am a grade A doodler.  I’ve never put much thought into my scribbles, but according to Nancy S. Nelson, there’s much to learn from them.   I promise to alert you should any doodles unveil hidden gems, secrets to my past, or character traits that I didn’t know I had.  Oh the possibilities!  And if any of you doodle loving friends get your hands on a copy and want to participate, you never know, it could be fun.  Furthermore, just who is Nancy S. Nelson?