September 11, 2010

…it finally caught me.  Quite frankly, I don’t think it’s as dreadful as some make it out to be…I’ve been looking forward to it for some time.  The very fact that I survived my twenties, makes me feel like I’ve earned a badge of honor.  So here goes, 30 wishes for the next 30 years:

1.  Keep living the dream…art is my life, not just my livelihood.

2.  Travel more…Italy would be a nice start

3.  Patience (I may still be working on this when I’m 70 but it’s worth a shot)

4.  Take a road trip with Nick and Vayda and hit up every Diner, Drive-In, or Dive we’ve seen on the food network.

5.  Spend more time with my girlfriends…I’m truly blessed to have such good women in my life

6.  Try my hand at parenting a real human sibling for Miss Vayda (no real rush here)

7.  Open a studio space up outside of my house…an ocean view would be nice

8.  Learn to ice skate

9.  Take some photography classes

10.  and some jewelry making classes…

11.  while I’m at it, maybe a culinary class or two (who am I kidding? I hate to cook)

12.  but I would like to have a nice organic garden one day…with all the fixin’s

13.  Find more time to read…it’s better for the imagination than the tele

14.  Illustrate a book for kids (currently working on a little collaboration)

15.  Spend more time plein air painting…preferably on that giant canvas I’ve been meaning to construct

16.  Cut back on my Coca-Cola intake…this might just kill me..

17.  Construct a super cool tree-house for weekend get-a-ways

18.  Have a pet bunny…why does everyone else get to have a bunny but me?!

19.  Restore the antique card catalog that’s been taking up space in my studio for 5 or 6 years

20.  Go back to Jamaica with Nick – yea mon!

21.  Tahiti with Leslie

22.  Buy a boat…it’ll help with the plein air landscapes right?

23.  Work on being a little more spontaneous…(i’m a little too plan / list oriented)

24.  …and I’m all out of wishes…but considering I’ve only been 30 for 10 hours or so, I might just come back to it later….

28 years and forever Young

September 11, 2008

So it’s my 28th birthday.  Do I feel old?  No…but do I feel young? not exactly.  All I know is that 2008 has been one of the best years of my life, and while I might be caught in the limbo of my mid to late twenties…I feel like I couldn’t have picked a better path to follow.  Since the 10th grade I have known exactly what I wanted to do with my life, and it’s rather nice at 28 to look back and see that I’ve accomplished a good portion of that list.  It’s also nice to put that list aside, and start a new one…(we all know how much I like to make lists anyway)…and take a fresh perspective on the world around me.  My needs and wants are different at 28 than at 15, but the same old drive is there.  I’ve been incredibly blessed, so here’s a list of 28 things I’m grateful for at 28:  (please note the following are not in any particular order of importance)

1.  My family…(even the crazy ones)

2.  Nick, my best friend and partner in crime

3.  My incredible circle of friends

4.  Vayda-Dog

5.  Getting to wake up and be creative every day

6.  My brother and Mark for paying me a special birthday visit!

7.  All the people who have helped spread the word about my work, and allowed me to live my dream

8.  x-acto blades and paint brushes

9.  high-speed internet

10.  My SCAD education

11.  Dremel Tool (and all it’s glorious accessories)

12.  Quiet mornings with a tall glass of orange juice

13.  The sycamore tree in my backyard

14.  Opportunities to paint some of the best canvases around (murals)

15.  Dreams

16.  Feta Cheese and Fresh Tomatoes

17.  Walks in the park with Vayda and Nick

18.  The ability to see

19.  You loyal blog readers who are still reading this list

20.  All the military families who have sacrificed for my freedom

21.  Hand-made cards

22.  Cherry Coke (even though I’ve started to ration my intake of it)

23.  Art Camp with friends

24.  My treasure trove of art supplies

25. Grandma’s home cookin’

26.  Birds and all pretty things that fly

27.  What would life be without rhinestones?

28.  The opportunity to chase my dream

Since the “treatment” I have been sleeping much more soundly. Last night was filled with a series of bizarre dreams, some of which make absolutely no sense at all. (then again, do dreams ever make sense?) I used to have a friend whose parents were dream analysts, but we’ve long since lost touch. So I’m open to interpretation…below is the list of briefs I can recall…

  • A collapsed bridge
  • Swimming in the Savannah River….(YUCK)
  • 2 white dolphins…also in the Savannah River (poor things)
  • I made brownie cupcakes for Bekah’s birthday (her birthday is in May, and we all know I don’t bake?)
  • Went to McIntosh Lake, reunited with family I haven’t spoken to in years, and met the “new baby”….(there’s no “new” baby, nor is there one on the way)
  • Viewed a video tape of Mom and I cruising down the Sapelo River, and pictures we had taken with flora and fauna.
  • Swarms of dogs all over the place
  • ….the end