I love LOVE love collage.  It’s fun to teach the little ones, fun to use all those old scraps I can’t bare to throw away, and fun to see just how imaginative you can get with it.  When I was teaching art (to the masses)…this was a real treat for the kids.  They earned “free-create” or collage days with good behavior.  They thought of it as a treasure hunt, and the ideas they would come up with never ceased to amaze me.  They appreciated and learned more from these activities than they ever did with the costly kits, that came with all the pieces cut to size, and color choices laid out.  So if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to inspire creativity with your kids or grandkids…I highly recommend.

Armed with several old Anthropologie catalogs (I just can’t throw them away they’re so beautiful), scraps of old paper and fabric, and a few tools for embellishments…my three apprentices came up with some clever collage work…

Artist:  Lia, 3rd Grade – love those blue boots and fashionable dress

Artist:  Maia, just barely 4yrs. – two dogs for Miss Maia

Artist:  Emma, 1st Gradetake note of the expertly crafted squirrel in the tree

so many ideas…

September 6, 2008

I just don’t know where to begin!  There are some exciting things going on around here…and thankfully, I took the time to craft a new sketchbook prior to our Chicago trip.

There’s just something inspiring about a “pretty sketchbook”…even if they take a little extra time to put together, it’s time well spent.  I found the fabric for a $1 per yard at Wally-World a few years back.  I’ve been very selective as to how my few yards are spent.  In hindsight, I wish I’d bought more of this sweet pattern.

new prints…new shop ideas…oh and I got a taste of my next mural project yesterday afternoon…good things I tell you!

Which is a sign that it’s starting to consume my life…(before there is even a lick of paint on the wall…)  That’s the bittersweet thing about murals…the canvas is so large, the possibilities endless…I get totally wrapped up in the whole process….(especially when I have great clients willing to go on a creative journey with me…thanks Meghan!)…I eat, sleep, and breathe that project…and then it’s over….just like that! And with the end comes a rush of emotions…on one hand it’s great to finish…to be done done done…on the other hand, sometimes you leave feeling a bit empty…what will I do now?  when will I have an opportunity to tackle a space like that again? Anywho…maybe it’s just me…but here’s a look at the madness that will soon be taking over my life…


everything is meticulously planned…right down to the mini models…(i admit i have a little OCD)


and I’m like a ninja with an x-acto…so don’t cross me…


fabric swatches…I couldn’t resist… especially when they have a gorgeous round crib to adorn…oh the possibilities!  okay…before this project eats any more of my day…I’m going to put it to rest, and think about doing my taxes…

All material for the above project is copyright 2008 Heather L. Young