Aunt Pam and I decided to leave early for Liz’s Bachelorette Party in Hilton Head, we wanted time to decorate the condo and shop prior to the bride’s arrival.

aunt pam and i

We spent most of the day filling my small SUV with vintage bottles, trinkets and glassware from area thrift stores.  (Who knew Hilton Head had that many thrift stores?!)  Then we came across a deal we simply could not pass up.  Two antique mahogany chairs for $15 a piece!!!  (Let it be known that Pam is the good luck charm here, as she is a magnet for fabulous steals)  We told the employees at the thrift store that we’d take 2 for $20 if they could find a way to fit them into our already overflowing vehicle.  There is such a high that comes from finding a quality treasure that just needs a little love to be brought back to life.

DIY antique chair recover

I spent all of 30 minutes recovering it with a 1/2 yard of fabric. ($3.50)  It’s a super easy DIY project, all you need are scissors, a screwdriver, and a staple gun.

Antique Chair Recover Butterfly Pillow

My best friend Leslie sent me this adorable throw pillow from Nordstrom Rack.  I love how the wings wrap around the pillow, and even though you can’t see it, it ties in the blue from my living room.

Bride to be in Hilton Head

Oh and how was that Bachelorette party you might ask?  FABULOUS!  (but I’m only sharing one pic!)  We had quite the story to tell the girls when they arrived…and plenty of money left over from our thrifty shopping adventure to spend on fruity drinks by the beach.



Hello Summer

June 21, 2011

The whirlwind that was Spring 2011 has come to a close.  Happily so, with a mini-vaca to Hilton Head…

Happy Father's Day Sand Castle

some ghost hunting in Colonial Cemetery

Colonial Cemetery Savannah Tombstones

and some time spent with loved ones (living)

I’ll be in Hilton Head, sipping on one

Mojito Baby, ©2008 Heather L. Young, FLYoung Studio

a breath of fresh air

April 21, 2008

Took a brief siesta this weekend in Hilton Head.  Great to see Nick’s family, and even better to catch my breath, and gear up for a busy week.

Enough time to paint my favorite crooked little tree…(again)

©2008 Heather L. Young

and soak up some sun…

©2008 Heather L. Young

day one

April 7, 2008

Today is day one of my latest mural endeavor…(technically not day one as there have been hours of planning sketching etc…but today, I will actually get to put paint on the walls…)  So it’s a good thing I wake up refreshed this morning after our weekend siesta to Hilton Head.

Unfortunately, the weather was not our friend.  It pretty well rained and stayed gloomy while we were there.  This did not sit well with Alan or Jasmine…

but we managed to feed them well.  In fact, I think we could fast for a week and still be full…just look at those frowns turned upside down…

I, on the other hand, finally got to paint that crooked little palm tree…which satisfied me greatly.

View from Balcony copyright Heather L. Young 2008

check out Dimensions….

April 4, 2008

I’m proud to say that my latest line of prints can now be found at Dimensions Gallery! I love that my work is at such a friendly, upbeat, artist-run gallery. If you haven’t checked them out yet, be sure to pay a visit. They have what looks to be a really cool show tonight…


I’m off to Hilton Head for the weekend…rain or shine…but otherwise would see you there! Hugs ~

just the two of us…

October 15, 2007

Took a wonderful little siesta in Hilton Head this weekend.  (I love this place when it’s NOT tourist season)  Overindulged with everything…food, nature, fruity concoctions, star-gazing, sleeping in…it was great.  The next time you visit these parts, I highly recommend the Sea Pines Forest Preserve…(don’t know why we never discovered this little gem on previous trips to HH but it was a great way to get some exercise and explore swampy Carolina.)


“just the two of us” means we can’t take a decent pic of ourselves!


every time I wake up to this awkward little palm, I want to paint it…


a couple of a different variety….