January 27, 2010

…I admit it…I got back from all the holiday travel, and slacked off.  I had some time to play with,  to paint things that have been on the list for a while…but I just couldn’t turn on the “self-motivate” switch…It wasn’t for a lack of ideas either…I’d pick up the pencil, and it just wouldn’t connect.  Perhaps it was a bad list to work with?  Whatever the cause, it was a  terrible little box to be in.  (Any of you other artists out there get what I’m sayin’ ?)

Thankfully, I’ve emerged from that box with more ideas than I can possibly get down on paper in the next year…I’m feverishly making lists of things not to forget, and eagerly waiting for the art supply store to open this morning…It’s such a vast contrast to the unmotivated me, and it’s like I can switch over night.  Nick says I’m either “all art” or “not.”  I’m not sure which “me” he fancies most, but he’s certainly living with the both of us whether he likes it or not.

I’d write more, but I currently have 4 lists in front of me, and this blog barely made the cut….gotta roll with this vibe while I’ve got it!

still raining…

May 23, 2009

…and  here  I was hoping to show you a photo of the lovely garden we’ve Nick’s been working on.   A good list will have to suffice.

1. Red Bell Pepper

2. Green Bell Pepper

3. Banana Pepper

4. Avocado (this may take years to produce)

5. Mexican Oregano

6. Basil

So far that’s it…but I’ve put in an inquiry for Large and Cherry tomatoes.  Why  not?

Nick and I are finally back in Savannah after spending some 10 days on the road.  It was great to end one of the best years of my life with a little down time.  I must say, I’m ready to hit the ground running for 2009…so many ideas floating around my brain, so many plans to execute, so many lists already in the works, and time just flies!  I’m so grateful to all of you who helped to make 2008 a blessed year for me.  It’s been a whirlwind, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Now in the spirit of New Years…(and this may be a mistake)…here’s a few  resolutions…

1.  Work towards finding a healthy balance between work and family…(I’m a total work-a-holic, but I get it honest)

2.  Cut back on the consumption of my dear friend Cherry-Coke…(your sugary sweetness will be missed)

3.  I’ve got two series of paintings in the works, and it would really be swell if one series turned into a gallery show…

4.  Eat less for the wedding dress…

I’m sure I’ll come up with another 15 in the coming days, but how often do we stick to those things anyway?  Well, off to the races!  Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

7 things and a disconnect…

October 25, 2008

I know, I know…my posts have been a bit scattered.  Truth be told, life is a bit overwhelming as of late, and when it gets to feeling that way, sometimes I feel it’s best to “disconnect” from the information super-highway, and focus on more tangible things…know what I mean?  Anywho, Nick and I have taken some time to hunt for wedding locals, and it’s great to do so with a clear head.  I hope all you loyal blog readers understand!  I’ll be back in a few days with some great art related post…but until then…I’m stealing the following idea from this lady and her clever blog:

List 7 facts about yourself or your blog:

1.  I love ranch dressing and will visit restaurants for no good reason other than they have stellar ranch.

2.  I have two of these just like in the cartoons…(probably could have landed me a job in the circus)

3.  I attended 10 different schools in 5 different states before I graduated  high school…

4.  I am totally OCD about lists…(but you loyal folks knew that already)

5.  I taught art for two years to elementary / middle school students.

6.  I had a moment of clarity in the 10th grade…I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life, how I wanted to get there, and what ways to facilitate it.  Most days I consider this a blessing, some days I consider it a curse.

7.  I drink champagne for no good reason.

28 years and forever Young

September 11, 2008

So it’s my 28th birthday.  Do I feel old?  No…but do I feel young? not exactly.  All I know is that 2008 has been one of the best years of my life, and while I might be caught in the limbo of my mid to late twenties…I feel like I couldn’t have picked a better path to follow.  Since the 10th grade I have known exactly what I wanted to do with my life, and it’s rather nice at 28 to look back and see that I’ve accomplished a good portion of that list.  It’s also nice to put that list aside, and start a new one…(we all know how much I like to make lists anyway)…and take a fresh perspective on the world around me.  My needs and wants are different at 28 than at 15, but the same old drive is there.  I’ve been incredibly blessed, so here’s a list of 28 things I’m grateful for at 28:  (please note the following are not in any particular order of importance)

1.  My family…(even the crazy ones)

2.  Nick, my best friend and partner in crime

3.  My incredible circle of friends

4.  Vayda-Dog

5.  Getting to wake up and be creative every day

6.  My brother and Mark for paying me a special birthday visit!

7.  All the people who have helped spread the word about my work, and allowed me to live my dream

8.  x-acto blades and paint brushes

9.  high-speed internet

10.  My SCAD education

11.  Dremel Tool (and all it’s glorious accessories)

12.  Quiet mornings with a tall glass of orange juice

13.  The sycamore tree in my backyard

14.  Opportunities to paint some of the best canvases around (murals)

15.  Dreams

16.  Feta Cheese and Fresh Tomatoes

17.  Walks in the park with Vayda and Nick

18.  The ability to see

19.  You loyal blog readers who are still reading this list

20.  All the military families who have sacrificed for my freedom

21.  Hand-made cards

22.  Cherry Coke (even though I’ve started to ration my intake of it)

23.  Art Camp with friends

24.  My treasure trove of art supplies

25. Grandma’s home cookin’

26.  Birds and all pretty things that fly

27.  What would life be without rhinestones?

28.  The opportunity to chase my dream

Had my Thursday morning art lesson with a few extra apprentices today.  Joining the girls, were Raymond (an almost eighth grader) and Willy…(who will be entering 6th grade this year.)  Ray and Willy taught me how to distress paper like old documents…see Ray’s notes below…

(click to enlarge)

The possibilities for which this trick could be implemented are endless…and clearly it is of interest to the “cool kids” so, we’ll file it away for safe keeping.  (boys if you’re reading this, it was a true pleasure meeting you, have a wonderful trip)

In other news, things are a bit hectic as of late…aside from weekends away, here’s the line up:

1.  Finish Pirate’s House Mural (note that it is barely started)

2.  Sell old car, buy new one…peachy I tell you!

3.  A few stray pen & inks

4.  Finish building David’s website…(golly gee)

5.  Scan / Prep / Order new prints for Etsy store...(this list is getting long…)

6. Scan Caty and Mary portraits…(been waiting for paint to dry for days)

7.  And open a new Etsy store…

…you get the idea….

Well, off to the races!  Happy Thursday!

back to lists…

July 30, 2008

I couldn’t sleep last night.  Too many pirate dreams…which as you may recall, is a good sign I’m on the right path.  Today will be the first day I get my hands on the wall space.  Nothing major, just a good cleaning and some rough sketches, until my paint comes in.  None the less, my brain is in overdrive and to kill off some of this energy, I’ve spent my morning making detailed lists. So far I have these:

Things to bring

Places to go prior to the mural site

List of reference material

I’m sure there will be a condensed list after I check off a few things…and yes, I’m aware that this behavior is a bit odd…but there is just something comforting about a trusty list.  (Try it sometime)

Anywho…for your greenery of the day, I present to you, 35 paper pickles…

don’t ask why…


May 25, 2008

My brain has been all over the place lately, and I imagine this will turn into a list (or two)…which might get lengthy…so feel free to “x” out mid-way or sooner…I won’t take offense…

1.  Happy Birthday Bekah! Can’t wait for our junk jewelry play-date!

2.  Congrats to Stephanie! Sorry I’ve forgotten to mail your graduation card…(rotten cousin I am…)

3.  Special thanks to all of  you who have supported the new line of foodie prints!  I’m so truly blessed…

4.  And Val…I’m just wondering…back in the Gap days…were you ever a denim expert? I’m beginning to think that title amplified my OCD….

Speaking of OCD…it was in overdrive yesterday…as I conquered…

1.  The Studio = spotless…workable even

2.  Five months worth of filing – God help me, there’s nothing I hate more..

3.  Hall Closet = impeccable…all shoes have mates…old purses GONE!

4.  My Personal Closet = it’s been 12 years since I worked there…but they’d be proud!

small miracle

May 20, 2008

I’ve never had much of a green thumb,  but last year I got a little obsessed with clippings.  Clip some of this…some of that…stick in a jar of water and wait for roots to sprout like magic.  I believed that in some small way, if I started from scratch…I’d be more attentive to them…(in other words, remember to water and bring inside before a freeze)…

I cataloged my garden, an eclectic mix herbs I would never eat, and “pretty plants”

  • Mexican Oregano
  • Rosemary
  • Basil
  • Mexican Heather
  • Aloe
  • Jade
  • Nick’s wild fern
  • Beloved Rubber Tree

Took me about two months to sprout a root on the rubber tree clipping.  I had Nick plant the sprig with utmost care.  I fertilized, watered, nurtured, and loved that bloody plant…and when the great freeze came, I begged Nick to cover this plant as it had grown too big to haul indoors with the rest.  All was well, until we forgot to remove the plastic cover…and my beautiful plant burned to a crisp.  This spring, I opted not to clip…too disheartened by my loss…that is until I woke up the other day, and saw this…

A tiny bit of green…

a closer look

small miracle indeed…

Strange encounters from the Marco trip…

1.  A Zebra in a field of cows (twice we spotted these stripes on I75)

2.  For Sale:  Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls…(roadside)

3.  Hardcore karaoke singers at Porky’s Last Stand, including a Cowboy named Phil, and a man named “Sugar”…(who dedicated a song to his ex-wife.)

4.  A Manatee…(Leslie spotted him/her…I  missed it)

5.  Burrowing Owls

6.  Two girls from the same class of ’99, but of a rival high-school

7.  A woman with 11 yorkies

8.  A semi truck, burned to a crisp

9.  Evidence of an unwelcome guest in our garage…

10.  A snake in our garage…which inspired Leslie to make her own list…

Note that the real culprit was not included on Leslie’s list…

More from our trip in the coming days…until then, Happy Mother’s Day.