Some of you may know this as the place where she got married.  From what I hear, the popularity of this locale since, has soared…(rumor has it, only 2 weekends left in 2010 for a wedding)  Is it any surprise that this sketch is the foundation for some custom wedding invitations?

The Chapel at Bethesda – very rough pencil sketch ©2010 Heather L. Young

October 4, 2007

In just about a month, we will be attending the wedding of an old childhood friend…(seems as though this is the year they are all getting hitched)….She is a true gem, and in lieu of gifts, has asked that donations be made to the Huntington’s Disease foundation in honor of my step-mother, Lee Anne.  (If you are unfamiliar with this terrible disease, I hope you will take a minute to view the site above, and maybe you too can make a difference in finding a cure)  I, in turn,  had the honor of designing her invitations…see below…


copyright 2007 Heather L. Young