Bald Eagle

March 19, 2010

The first Bald Eagle I’d ever seen in my life…(in the wild that is)… It was pure chance (or maybe the universe working its’ magic) that we had just been talking about them, when he appeared…at first sitting on the sand bar as if to enjoy a day at the beach.  By the time I got my camera out, he had taken flight, but not before I captured this shot.  We were on the way home, nearly to our dock on the Julienton when he arrived.  The perfect end to yet another magical Blackbeard trip.

Bald Eagle over the Julienton (a lousy title I think, feel free to make a suggestion)

pen & ink with watercolor washes

©2010 Heather L. Young

After about an hours journey up the Julienton and across the sound, you’ve arrived at Blackbeard.  If you’ve ever been, you know that there’s always at least one bird there to welcome you…in my case, two.

Welcome to Blackbeard

pen & ink with watercolor washes

©2010 Heather L. Young


March 12, 2010

I believe this to be a close shot of “Three Clumps of Trees”…but I’ll ask the captain to make sure.

On the Way to Blackbeard

pen & ink with watercolor washes

©2010 Heather L. Young

a quick note…

October 14, 2008

Christmas is upon us people!  The commissions are rolling in…(I’m not complaining)…and time, well, there’s just not enough of it.  Sadly, some of the works in progress won’t be able to make their blog debut until after the Holidays….(wouldn’t want to spoil any surprises…)…but I assure you, they will be well worth the wait.  While you’re waiting oh so patiently…here’s sneak peak at the beginnings of my next mural…

rough sketch in watercolor – work in progress ©2008