Vayda’s Treasure

August 12, 2008

As some of you know, I’m currently preparing sell my 2001 Dodge Durango…Nick and I detailed the inside this weekend…during which time we discovered Vayda’s secret stash of rations…

(this is not a happy face)

You see, those girls at FCB love her so much, that every time we go through the drive through, she is presented with one or two fine treats…sometimes she eats them…most times she hides them.  If you know Ms. Vayda at all, you know she is very systematic about where her treats belong.  Click here for a quick reminder.

Needless to say, she wasn’t too thrilled we unearthed her hidden treasures.  She immediately started to take care of business.

The sole green treat was removed and hidden off by itself for safe keeping…the rest, she casually placed near her other most coveted her treasure…her toy box.

She has not consumed too many of these treats, and frankly, I think she would trade the whole lot to be the FCB mascot.  (or to get out of going to the vet today)

whew! what a weekend!

August 5, 2008

I’m still recovering, thus the late post…but Alan’s graduation was one we won’t soon forget. You may remember my pickle post. Well, those 35 paper pickles were put to good use:

He got some great tips for when he finds himself in a pickle. I think the most popular was “Call Dad…”

Pam whipped up some amazing cupcakes and I had fun making toppers for them. (This is what happens when you post your personal photos on myspace…)

We didn’t think there was any way people would consume that many cupcakes…but I happened to snap a shot of the last two cupcakes before their inevitable consumption…

as you can see, people were having mucho fun…

Aunt Pam was the karaoke queen…she even got Lee Anne in on a few tunes…

I finally got my ride on the Harley…

Just before we left on Sunday, Vayda and Lee Anne donned their Harley gear for the camera… Vayda matches the Harley color scheme so perfectly…if FCB decides not to employ her as a mascot, maybe Harley Davidson will?…I mean, she even has a little black tongue! (and of course, she’s well versed in doggie tricks)

(Vayda was a little jealous that Lee Anne’s shirt sparkled…and thus refused to take a decent photo)

Anywho…I’d love to see photos from others in attendance…I didn’t man my camera throughout the night like a should have…so please email me…(Granny Pat, I must have that pic of Nick and I…I think it’s the only decent picture I was in all night!)


In work related news…I’ll have my hands in paint all day at the Pirate’s House…an update will most likely come tomorrow. Oh and I finally finished my two portraits….although I’ll have to wait until the oil paint dries to post the final works…back to the madness!