Patience is key…

February 10, 2010

Did I mention I’ve been waiting?…waiting for my newly designed, expertly re-organized, new website to début!  It’s been such a process to rework it all…(and I really shouldn’t complain, because Nick’s done all the real work)…but I’m losing patience, and right now, that is key…see, I like things polished…but that takes some time to make sure all the last little details are in place…so excuse me if you will from this little blog for the next day or two…I ask that you, too, be patient…and know that when the new site debuts, there will be some pretty sweet deals to go along with it…I can barely contain my excitement!!!  Oh and have a lovely Wednesday.

So I was going to write a blog this morning…however…as of I right now I can’t hear myself think…quite literally…turns out my house is infested with termites…(just a lovely thought that bugs are all around me….)…worse off, the process of drilling and drilling and drilling, is rattling not only my book shelves…but my BRAIN!  Hopefully I’ll still have it in me to write something of interest when all this noise ends…GRRRRR!!!!