Baby’s First Mural!

April 6, 2013

I’ve been absent, but with good reason!  We are expecting a little fella late summer, so life has taken on a new urgency if you will.  So many projects to tackle before his arrival.

Babys First Mural

One of which was finally updating my Dutch Island mural from many years ago.  (see here to refresh your memory.)  Naughty clients decided to remodel, trim down the mural a bit from one side and *gasp* tear a hole in the wall to put in double doors!  (it’s okay Meghan and Bill, I still love you!)

mural revamp

Beveled edges are so tricky!  Matching paint from 8 years ago, even trickier, but I think I successfully brought their waterfall back to life.

Mural Painted Doors

Oh and they had one more addition arrive in those 8 years, Sophie.  It wouldn’t be fair to leave her out of the mural…

Mural Pet Portrait

Here’s a better shot at how she fits into the mix…

Waterfall Mural Dutch Island Georgia

Here’s a glimpse at the right side.  I added some embellishments to beef up the silhouette since a few feet had been trimmed on that side of the mural.  Sorry for the split shots, it’s impossible to be a shot of the full mural (roughly 20 feet wide)

Dutch Island Mural

For a better idea of the scale of things, take a look at the original mural.

Happy Spring y’all!


Maddie was still in the womb when the initial paint job was done.  Now, at the age of four, she has become my youngest client to date.

She needed a little more sparkle…

Rhinestone and glitter butterfly mural

A little more pink…

And just why is there a giraffe in a garden?

ABC giraffe painted by Heather L Young

Thankfully, for now, the giraffe stays.

It was such a pleasure to see how much she’d grown and to see how much she enjoyed her room.  I have a feeling I’ll be back in a few years…

Pirates House update…

August 17, 2008

Moving right along over there…and let me just say that the entire crew at the Pirate’s House has been such a pleasure to work with…friendly, helpful, and encouraging…not to mention, they have pirates giving tours throughout the day, so I get to hear all about the wonderful history and ghostly encounters that go on around there…

©2008 Heather L. Young

The pirates are coming along nicely, although I had to stop myself from working any further this day.  Sometimes my brush and brain just don’t work together like they should…it’s times like this that I often do more damage than good to my work…so best to put the brush down and pick it back up another day.  This isn’t uncommon on a canvas this size…I mean, it can kind of gobble you up if your not careful…

your first look….

May 30, 2008

at the completed “Under the Sea” nursery for baby Zoe! We’ve come a long way from here…and this project was so much fun to work on…If the color scheme reminds you of Maddie’s Room its because Maddie’s about to be a big sister! Meghan and Bill, I can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful projects you’ve thrown my way. Best of luck with the girls!

[rockyou id=113932944]

All Artwork ©2008 Heather L. Young, FLYoung Studio

so very close…

April 30, 2008

Growing up, I used to eat my food in compartments…saving the best dish for last…It’s the exact opposite when I paint.  I always paint the parts I’m interested /excited about first.  It keeps the project moving along.  Had to wait until we found just the right shelving to paint this octopus…boy is he the focal point of the room now…

It’s my nature to design things that may or may not be possible / reasonable to create…but once I have that image in my mind, it’s hard to get away from it.  Take for instance The Cougar Explorer…I had no idea how in the heck I was going to build the crow’s nest of a ship…(they don’t teach you that in school…)  but where there is a will, there is a way…and after about 8 months of pondering the idea, the cards fell into place.

The school of fish on the ceiling here was part of my original vision, and if it required bending around like Gumby on a ladder or channeling a distant cousin of this guy, I was going to make it work.  (self-inflicted pain, I know, but the project would not be complete without it.)

Spent a good 6 hours or so up here…

Cramped up like this…

To achieve the first view the baby will see when she wakes in the morning..

All artwork ©2008 Heather L. Young, and may not be reproduced without permission from the artist.

to take pictures of the Under the Sea mural progress…and boy did I make some today!  One last major endeavor, the ceiling…(eating paint can be sooooo much fun)…Then a touch up here, a quick fix there…some furniture arrangement, and we’re done!  I’m beginning to believe I might actually allow myself to relax on vacation…

It’s getting there…trying like mad to finish prior to vacation…that’s right people a real vacation…(and in case you’ve been reading this blog and see that I occasionally take a weekend in Hilton Head…note that is not my definition of a vacation.  A real vacation requires at least 5 days, no schedule, no computer, no email, no work, no obligations or worries…)  I am going to disconnect from all the technology we find ourselves submersed in, and take some much needed time to rev up my creative spirit, catch up on sleep, spend time with my bestie, and throw back margaritas on the beach.  But it’s not here yet…8 1/2 days to pump out this mural…sell some art and tie up a few loose ends…

this week I find myself inspired by the polka dot queen herself…Bekah

oh happy turtle…

and yellow tangs…do you believe they actually have 2 yellow tangs in their fish tank!  I just chose them for design purposes…love those unexpected surprises!

All Artwork ©2008 Heather L. Young and may not be reproduced without permission from the artist.