One of my first murals…no big surprise that it’s in my brother’s room back home.

Something about his face needs a little reworking…if I had my way, I would revamp it with something totally mischievous while he’s living it up in Costa Rican paradise…but alas, Dad won’t let me.

Oh and for all you friends and family wondering how baby brosef is faring down in Costa…he’s currently surfing one of the longest breaks in the world in Pavones…nearly 3/4 of a mile long on a good day.

(please note it is not Alan surfing in this video…just a random youtube find to give you an idea of the place he’s currently at)

clownin’ around…

September 14, 2008

why?  Because I’m in limbo on too many projects…So I pulled out one of my favorite sketchbooks from college and looked for a little nostalgia…

I’m actually glad I opened this old book today…the fabric in the background above is from an old scarf / bandanna that I used to wear in my super-short pixie hair cut days

…a few weeks ago, I spent a good hour or so looking for that bandanna…go figure I used it for art…(some 5 -6 years ago)…(ps…that’s my old high school buddy Meghan…)  Nothing like a trip down memory lane!