Another little baby is on the way for our family!  These two lovebirds are expecting a baby girl in June and gave me a little wall space to play with…

Jimi Hendrix Quote Mural

Alan loves music and I think the Jimi Hendrix quote is especially perfect for a baby girl (not just because I got to finally paint a unicorn, but yeah!)

Baby Girl Nursery Mural

Butterflies and zebras and moonbeams and fairy tales

Can’t wait to meet my sweet little niece!

Maddie was still in the womb when the initial paint job was done.  Now, at the age of four, she has become my youngest client to date.

She needed a little more sparkle…

Rhinestone and glitter butterfly mural

A little more pink…

And just why is there a giraffe in a garden?

ABC giraffe painted by Heather L Young

Thankfully, for now, the giraffe stays.

It was such a pleasure to see how much she’d grown and to see how much she enjoyed her room.  I have a feeling I’ll be back in a few years…

a little nostalgia

May 1, 2009

for your Friday.  At sixteen I was given $50, some paint, and a wall in my neighbor’s nursery.  Pretty bold folks if you ask me.


Me and my very first client.  circa 1996.

Not much time to write as I would rather have my hands in paint…but here’s the latest on the “Under the Sea” mural.

Over the weekend a three year old took a pencil to my mural…and I mean, he really took a pencil to my mural.  Thankfully, my clients (both doctors) knew that such a site could induce a heart attack in a poor little artist…and they did their best to hide the damage.  Their efforts were greatly appreciated, as I not only failed to collapse, but came up with a clever solution should we not be able to hide the graffiti.

They also found these glorious curtains for the room.  It’s not so often that little accessories match my initial vision for a project…but these are BEYOND PERFECT!

Even the crib has a set…

And what would a mural be without a little sparkle?  LOVING this metallic paint…the curtains pick up on it just right…

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Off to paint! Hugs~  h

Which is a sign that it’s starting to consume my life…(before there is even a lick of paint on the wall…)  That’s the bittersweet thing about murals…the canvas is so large, the possibilities endless…I get totally wrapped up in the whole process….(especially when I have great clients willing to go on a creative journey with me…thanks Meghan!)…I eat, sleep, and breathe that project…and then it’s over….just like that! And with the end comes a rush of emotions…on one hand it’s great to finish…to be done done done…on the other hand, sometimes you leave feeling a bit empty…what will I do now?  when will I have an opportunity to tackle a space like that again? Anywho…maybe it’s just me…but here’s a look at the madness that will soon be taking over my life…


everything is meticulously planned…right down to the mini models…(i admit i have a little OCD)


and I’m like a ninja with an x-acto…so don’t cross me…


fabric swatches…I couldn’t resist… especially when they have a gorgeous round crib to adorn…oh the possibilities!  okay…before this project eats any more of my day…I’m going to put it to rest, and think about doing my taxes…

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