I’m loving every minute of this process.  This paint, though so toxic it makes my eyes burn, is AMAZING…once dry, it’s feels as though it is part of the glass itself.  I also like the idea of painting on a reflective surface, it has a unique look at different hours of the day, and while I’m painting on it, it’s like I have eyes on the back of my head…lol!

(Look Dad!  I finally painted a lighthouse!) This one inspired by the Cockspur Island Lighthouse.


(it’s hard to get a good shot when you paint on a reflective surface…)

The beginnings of a shrimp boat…


All artwork copyright 2007 Heather L. Young.

new mural in the works…

November 5, 2007

Spent the whole weekend working on an exciting new mural project, for a new business, Southside Shellfish.  (That’s right, we will finally have a fresh seafood market on the southside of town.)  The owners presented me with quite a challenge when they asked me to paint on glass…for starters, not just any paint will adhere to glass…in fact, most window paintings are done with tempura, or acrylic on the inside of windows…A not so permanent solution, this method requires you to paint in reverse, and makes it a little more difficult to get that “realistic” look my friends are looking for…so what do you use to paint on the outside of glass, that is durable enough to withstand constant foot traffic, exhaust from the constant stream of cars, and direct sunlight for most of the days?  Automotive paint…the same stuff they use to paint pinstripes on cars…however it’s durability does come with on hitch, see below…