If you’re local to Savannah, you may have spotted them already at ShopScad, The Tea Room, or La Paperie, but now you can also get your Savannah Notes online via The Ink Lab.  I’ve mixed up the series a bit and revamped the packaging to include an eco-friendly kraft paper box.  Each box includes 8 notes featuring my pen & ink drawings of Madison Square, Lafayette Square, Chippewa Square and the iconic Forsyth Park Fountain.  Get yours here!

Savannah Notes by Heathe L. Young

Savannah Boxed Note Set

Hope y’all are enjoying a beautiful Savannah Spring!

whew! am i done yet?

January 7, 2009

I spent an entire day yesterday updating this, updating that, and totally  missing out on one of the most glorious days of the year.  Ugh!  What’s sad is that I haven’t even made it to the stack of filing on my desk.  I’m such a procrastinator when it comes to updating my own website, I’ve taken to only doing a major update once a year, and I know the filing would be so much easier if I just kept up with it…but could there be a worse chore?  All I want to do is paint…I suppose I’ll have to hire an intern one day, or get a pet monkey, or make babies for the sole purpose of running my little one woman factory….anywho…am I rambling?  I think I am…here’s the list (the only blessing that comes from a day of laborious chores, is a list to make me feel somewhat accomplished)

A Mural for Lab Lovers

6 New Pet Portraits

11 Homes (the tip of the iceberg)

1 Commercial Property

A few tweaks to this and that…and well…you might as well just go explore, as I’ve only got 2 hours to update my mural book before I meet with  a client.  Yikes!

Mark Your Calendars…

October 1, 2008

and get your Christmas shopping started early with a visit to the next Savannah Market Bazaar!

Want a preview of some of the fabulous works that will be on display?  Check out the following etsy stores:






So mark your calendars and come out to support local artists!  Oh and did I mention, I’ll be having my first ever SALE on the Foodie Prints! This is an event you surely do not want to miss!


If you’d like in on all the Bazaar fun, be sure to visit www.newmoonofsavannah.com/smb for info on how you too can showcase your works….(I’m pretty sure that even though today is the deadline, there’s a space or two left for ya!)

love me some crafty time…

December 19, 2007

Those of you who know me well, know this is the time of year when I get to satisfy the Crafty Goddess inside me. Christmas is the best excuse to try new techniques, and make funky gifts for all my gal pals. In years past, I’ve crocheted scarves, revamped old costume jewelry into modern styles, learned to sew handy tote bags, and made hand-bound journals with vintage fabrics…this year the Crafty Goddess really got the shaft, as I had too many commissions to fulfill and not enough time to get my hands on a new medium…(this, I might add, is not a bad thing…so keep the work coming folks…) but anywho, after putting the finishing touches on the last two pen & ink jobs yesterday, I took some time to wrap presents…and seeing as though the Crafty Goddess had been locked away all season, she emerged with a keen interest in paper rosettes. See below:


I must give credit to Martha Stewart, the original Craft Goddess, for this clever little adornment…


and yes…I did individually cut out the tags and stamp the edges.


and here she is…our wonderfully “classic” (as Nick would call it) Christmas tree. Decked out with the original vintage ornaments his grandparents supplied us with some years ago…and the dollar store tree topper I could not resist. Don’t you think it screams for some tinsel? I mean, Christmas is the only time of year when you can truly be as tacky as you want to be, and get away with it…so why not roll with it?