Meet Jake

June 23, 2011


Jake is a five month old pit mix.  He was starving and homeless when a friend of mine brought him in off the streets of Savannah.  He’s a good boy who’s had all his shots.  He’s even learned to sit before being fed and knows the word “no.”  He’s in desperate need of a home before his foster parents leave for a road trip out west.  If you’d like to add this sweet pup to your family, please let me know!  As the owner of two rescue babies, I can assure you they make great pets! Spread the word!


May 31, 2009

After working in the yard all day, Nick decided to have a small daytime fire to burn off a few twigs.  There’s something very soothing about a fire, even a daytime fire.  Vayda does not agree.


She glared at us from the corner of the yard.


She made mean faces…


Speaking of faces, does anyone else see this?