here she is!

December 11, 2008

The 2008 Vayda-Dog Christmas card!



acrylic & oil wash on patterned paper

©2008 Heather L. Young

a sneak peek

December 8, 2008

Almost all of the 2008 Vayda Christmas cards have been mailed…and almost all of my other projects must be kept under wraps…so just to get the focus around here back on art, here’s a little behind the scenes look at the making of the Vayda Christmas card.  I won’t bore you with the million and two preliminary sketches that took place, but it was a true color-comp nightmare.  Color is such a science to me, and red & green…(while compliments)…are not  my favorite color combo.  Then again, I’m not a huge fan of non-traditional Christmas colors…just to keep you guessing before the big reveal…


©2008 Heather L. Young

Back to the drawing board!  17 days and counting!

I’m not sure I know of anyone that works quite as hard as my Dad. Most people who know him, wonder how he’s able to manage so much and still keep that smile on his face. He is compassionate beyond words, more generous than most, and an inspiration to all who meet him. I am truly lucky to call him Dad…and if ever someone deserved something truly special for Father’s Day…it’s him…check this out…

He finally bought the beast…(which has been affectionately named “Eagle One”)

(Click photos to enlarge them)

My Brosef was the first to ride…you can bet he’ll be making a two-wheel purchase as soon as he returns from a 3 month trip to Costa Rica…(I’m sure Uncle Richard won’t be far behind either…I mean Pam would make for a hot biker chick 🙂

Of course, any such purchase must first be approved by Lee Anne…

I’d say by the looks of that smile, it didn’t take much convincing.

Of course, now that they have been initiated into the Harley lifestyle…it won’t be hard to shop for them…On my way down to Florida, I found this little gem…

Dad liked it…can’t you tell? Now all they need are matching tattoos…(hehehehehe)

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to ride Eagle One…the rains came, and I had to return to the studio…but I had a most marvelous time hanging with the Fernandina gang.

Happy Father’s Day Dad…and please be careful on that thing….love you all mucho!