I’m doing this on the fly,  but felt it was necessary to create a list this morning…

1.  Draw more for me…(people always assume my house is decked out with murals all over the walls, and artwork splashed everywhere…not the case…I simply spend too much time on commissions for other folks to focus on my own abode…)   Time to get back to my creative roots.

2.  Take more risks…Time to break the old routine and fly by the seat of my pants a little more.

3.  Get the food prints to production…if any of you know of a place that will print on canvas and stretch and mount it, do let me know…(that’s the current “hang-up” on this project)….

4.   Well, I’m not quite sure what number 4 is…but I suppose I have the rest of the day to figure it out…I’ll keep you posted.

Happy New Year!!!