a swell night…

March 27, 2008

An invite, for a small group of women to share, learn and enjoy eachother’s company. All while celebrating the time we’ve had with Libby, a dedicated artist, quilter, grandmother, and friend.


Gricell was gracious enough to orchestrate this event, and boy does she know how to entertain. I believe Martha Stewart would have shed a tear of joy to have seen this spread.


We shared tips on tying scarves and piecing quilts.


Gricell modeled the glorious totes that she and Libby have been working on…(they’ll be available for purchase online shortly ladies…I’ll keep you posted!)


Lastly, we were treated to a heavenly dinner by Chef Diego.


Chef Diego specializes in Italian cuisine, and will gladly share his tips for food preparation with you…except for his award winning recipe for Tiramisu. Last night, he prepared the best Eggplant Parmesan I’ve ever consumed…(sorry Granny J…you’ve been bumped from the number 1 spot) In addition, we feasted on pasta with zucchini and veal scaloppine with mushrooms in a white wine sauce….oh it was heaven indeed.


hungry yet?

Thank you ladies for a truly spectacular night!  I wish you all the best in your creative endeavors, and hope our paths will meet again.

how lucky am I?

January 20, 2008

I was reunited today with three of my little “apprentices”.  Today’s project of choice: bean collage…(one of my favorites as a kid and a great lesson in both color and texture)…

While the girls seemed to thoroughly enjoy today’s project, the highlight of my visit was finally getting to meet Libby DuBois Pettit, a nationally recognized and award-winning quilter from Montana,  affectionately referred to by the girls as “Grandma Libby”.  I have admired her work since I started lessons with the girls several months ago. The following two expertly pieced quilts hang in their living room:


(photos do these no justice…the surface texture is amazing in person)


Aside from her beautiful compositions, each quilt tells a story or evokes an underlying theme.  The quilt featured above (with the heart) represents our nation’s soldiers, a common theme for Libby.  Other popular threads in her work include stories of justice, women’s rights, historical events, and landscapes.

It was truly an honor to speak with her about her art…(Libby if you’re reading this…thanks a million for the inspiration, I soooooo needed it)…and I’m more than thrilled to hear she’s hanging around town long enough to possibly teach me a trick or two when it comes to fabric.

Oh and not to brag or anything…but check out the Libby Tote I received for Christmas….


I LOVE LOVE LOVE her fabric of choice…and will cherish it forever…

(Special note to the Medley’s…I apologize for not having sent a “thank you” note for this gem…I think I inhaled too many paint fumes and lost sight of my Southern manners for bit…)