…one best summed up by a list:

1.  Prepped and dropped off notes and prints with various boutiques…(just in time for St. Pat’s)

2.  Enjoyed a long overdue lunch with my cousin Rebecca.

3.  Switched cars with Nick to save on gas mileage.

4.  Dined outside at Sol with Cima, another long overdue social.

5.  Got rear-ended by a Hummer (on the 2nd day driving Nick’s car…nice)

6.  Overindulged on  St. Pat’s with Aunt Pam, but still held onto my “Get of Jail Free Card” from Dad.

7.   Then “told off” the jerks at Citibank that handle my student loan.

8.  Completed my taxes.

9.  Continued work with 5 brides…details of which will be posted…one day

10.  Reshipped a print that got lost in the mail on the way to California…watch out postmaster, I might tell you off next…

I’m sure I’ve neglected something here, but suffice to say, I’m content to put this week behind me.


June 2, 2008

It’s been a while…(I think)…since my last blog rant…but here goes.  Computers…mine is about as good as a boat anchor.  Nick and I have planned an unfortunate end for this machine, as soon as a replacement arrives.  (If I can wait that long without bashing it to bits)  I thought they were supposed to condense and simplify our lives?  I promise to dutifully blog when this machine allows for it,  but note that I am at its mercy.   A swift and memory loaded  successor is in the  works…as are several paintings, drawings, and  new endeavors.

i knew it would happen

December 9, 2007

ok…so i know it’s not the first time nor, sadly, will it be the last, but people, how hard it is to use a crosswalk?  Just two weeks ago I watched a young couple maneuver their baby stroller through traffic on Montgomery Crossroads…makes me sick sick sick!  Is it that hard to walk to the corner and wait for the signal?  Do parents neglect to teach their children how to cross the road or ride a bike these days?   Speaking of bikes, I wish I had my camera yesterday…at the intersection of Derenne and Habersham, I watched as a young man crossed Derenne like he was Frogger on a bike.  Of course he was riding against traffic, not with it, and had a look of shear relief when he finally made it across without being squashed….meanwhile, there was another woman on a bike at that particular intersection, that exact time yesterday…there she was waiting patiently at the street light…like she should be…for the light to turn green, before she attempted to cross…is that really hard to do or something?  I mean, I don’t have a bike, but I have a clue!  Just one of those things, I just don’t get.  Hopefully this guy will get a second chance…(and maybe teach others crosswalk safety.)

So last Friday, Nick was involved in a car accident…(as posted previously, he is fine, the car is not)  he went to get a rental car…(after dropping off his car at the shop…) and ended up stranded, as his Drivers License had expired….of course this would happen on Monday, when the DMV is closed…and the week just ended with him dropping a heavy piece of furniture on his foot…smashing his big toe nail.

So aside from all the projects on my plate…(I won’t bother to even try and type that list)…I’ve played chauffeur, chef, gofer, housekeeper, and nurse.   I’m begining to feel a little too domesticated.  I think I’ll go out in the backyard and play with power tools before my patient awakes.