target practice…

February 18, 2008

It was probably against my better judgment to buy Nick a Red Ryder BB Gun for Valentine’s Day…but I did it anyway. I had heard stories of him shooting up his closet as a child, and trying to hit a bird or two…so I had naturally assumed that his parents had gifted him with the BB gun of his youth.  WRONG!  After I have bought said Red Ryder  (and 4400 BBs) I find out that the bb gun of his youth was supplied by a friend.  Apparently, Jim and Peg felt Nick wasn’t responsible enough to have a BB gun…(and some 15 years later I wonder the same)…so in an effort to keep his sight off of living things…(except for snakes, he can shoot as many of those as he wants…)  I made the following “Bad Kitty” target.


I guess it’s a good thing his aim isn’t too good…lol!