works in progress…

July 2, 2008

19 small green things…(almost complete)

2 portraits

a website

birth announcement

conceptual sketches for a new mural

I am quite sure this list is not complete.  I’ve been a bit all over the place as of late, but good things…definitely good things.  A few more:

Special congrats to Bekah on her new job!  Pooler Elementary, you have no idea how lucky you are to have her…If Nick and I ever have children, she will be in charge of training them, teaching them manners, and discipline…(you need only look at my spoiled dog to know that discipline is not my forte)

Oh and for all you local Savannahians, be sure to pick up the latest copy of Savannah Magazine Robin Lynne’s work has been featured!

I’ll be sure to toast an extra drink to both you girls this 4th of July!

A Portrait of Caty Greene, detail of work in progress.  ©2008 Heather L. Young



June 25, 2008

most days I hate it…bills bills bills…you know, when you’re a kid, that trip to the mailbox is magical…especially around your birthday. When you’re a kid, all the mail you ever get is good…

For some people…(Dad I know you’re one of them)…checking the mail on a daily basis is a must. I, on the other hand, refuse to check the mail unless I’m pretty darn sure there will be a check, a present, a magazine, or something to stave off the depression of opening up bills.

Today was a doubly lucky day! Not only did I get my hands on a much needed present from my bestie…

(ok…so most days I wear my ratty-tatty flip flops, but for the occasional day when I need to rock those sassy heels, this is a MUST)

I also received my new birdie earrings from local artist Robin Lynne!

(Robin, I’m terribly sorry my photo skills do them no justice)

ps. I hope you’ll take a minute to visit Robin’s site…she is a super talented gem of a gal, with interests in photography, jewelry, and soap making!