That’s right folks…Ms. SassySweetPea and I are off to chop our tresses!  It will be a grand girlie day, as we are not only paying a visit to the Hair Princess…(aka Renata Duran…THE best hair dresser in all of Savannah!)… we will also be treating ourselves to a fancy lunch, and maybe a mini-shopping trip on Broughton…(although that just depends on how hot it gets around here today)

The Sassy Sweet Pea, Acrylic & Oil Wash, ©2008 Heather L. Young, FLYoung Studio

Here’s a brief snipit from our 4th of July celebration…for the full version including lots o lots of pictures visit Bekah’s Blog.

That’s Bekah on the left, and me on the right…

Just pretend folks…Nick and Jason were the ones that really smoked ’em.

And thankfully, they didn’t burn down the neighborhood…(with cigars or fireworks)

Good times my friends!  Thanks for making it special 🙂