Since the “treatment” I have been sleeping much more soundly. Last night was filled with a series of bizarre dreams, some of which make absolutely no sense at all. (then again, do dreams ever make sense?) I used to have a friend whose parents were dream analysts, but we’ve long since lost touch. So I’m open to interpretation…below is the list of briefs I can recall…

  • A collapsed bridge
  • Swimming in the Savannah River….(YUCK)
  • 2 white dolphins…also in the Savannah River (poor things)
  • I made brownie cupcakes for Bekah’s birthday (her birthday is in May, and we all know I don’t bake?)
  • Went to McIntosh Lake, reunited with family I haven’t spoken to in years, and met the “new baby”….(there’s no “new” baby, nor is there one on the way)
  • Viewed a video tape of Mom and I cruising down the Sapelo River, and pictures we had taken with flora and fauna.
  • Swarms of dogs all over the place
  • ….the end