mindless doodles…

November 22, 2008

While cleaning the train wreck that I call a studio, I came across this mindless doodle.  This one was created for no other reason than I was talking on the phone and had a pen in hand.  Back in those college art history days, I could barely read my notes after class, as I had drawn a thousand mindless doodles over them.    So don’t read too much into this little gem…after all it is Saturday…


©2008 Heather L. Young


i get it honest…

February 29, 2008

Great Aunt Barbara Jean always has a pad of paper next to her phone…upon which she doodles like mad anytime she is chatting away…I inherited this trait…and it’s pretty much automatic.  Brainless drawing…give me a pen/pencil and some piece of paper and I don’t even think…just start doodling.  This has been known to cause a problem or two for me…doodling on an important bill…I never could read my high school or college notes for lack of self control…scribbling so much on a piece of paper, that I forget it’s actually got a “real note” on there and throw it out…you get the idea.  Well, the other day I was chatting away on my celly, and I mindlessly doodled “Nick” on a file folder.  I swear this was not intentional…(except for the Bear’s logo on his shirt…I added that after the fact…)  but doesn’t it look like him?  Don’t ask about the lady with the crazy football shaped eyes…I don’t know where my brain was for that…(hmmm…maybe football was the common thread…?)