If you’re local to Savannah, you may have spotted them already at ShopScad, The Tea Room, or La Paperie, but now you can also get your Savannah Notes online via The Ink Lab.  I’ve mixed up the series a bit and revamped the packaging to include an eco-friendly kraft paper box.  Each box includes 8 notes featuring my pen & ink drawings of Madison Square, Lafayette Square, Chippewa Square and the iconic Forsyth Park Fountain.  Get yours here!

Savannah Notes by Heathe L. Young

Savannah Boxed Note Set

Hope y’all are enjoying a beautiful Savannah Spring!

My original Savannah sketches have been given a little *punch* of color!  (Sorry for the delay, but things had to be “just so” you know)  Each 8×10 print has been delicately hand watercolored by yours truly, making each one unique.  Of course, if you haven’t the space for an 8×10 and you must have a little something “Savannah,” then the Mini-Prints are for you!  They come matted ready to fit a 5×7 inch frame…(perfect for the tabletop frame) or a collection of little Savannah memories…take your pick!  You can find these little gems locally at ShopSCAD or purchase them online via TheInkLab. Enjoy!

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All Artwork © 2010 Heather L. Young

busy busy!

February 26, 2009

Run run run!  Some days months just fly by like whirlwinds.  Is it really already almost the end of February? Three pet portraits in the works, 1/2 a pen and ink, and this painting just waiting for some finishing touches.   Mama-bear made an unexpected trip to Savannah yesterday, so might as well throw some wedding planning into the mix while we’re at it.   Oh and I’ve been packaging up Fountain Notes for the lovely ShopSCAD.


If you’re local to Savannah, and have yet to visit ShopSCAD, you’re really missing out!

Well, off to the races!  Have a lovely day, and thanks for stopping by!

oh what a surprise…

February 21, 2009

So as many of you are aware, I have a line of Savannah greeting cards, sold throughout the little galleries in our area, and of course over in TheInkLab. Each box of notes is carefully sorted and packaged by hand, right down to the little black satin bow.  I’m meticulous about this process, and often recount envelopes and cards just to make sure I didn’t miss one…we’ll boy did I get a surprise yesterday!  See the following email:


I just found a message in a box of your Savannah notecards that I purchased at the SCAD store last fall and thought it might have been meant for you.  One of the cards was written on, “Hi Sweetie, here is a check.  Your idea of the “desk” was perfect.  Have a great week.  Much love, hugs & kisses, Gran.”  The message indicates that a check was enclosed but there was none.  Anyway, I was just wondering as I have never bought a box of notecards before that had a “used” note in it!!  (I’ve enjoyed sending these cards and even purchased a box for my sister who has a daughter enrolled at SCAD.)



PS  I have the card if you would like it!

Ha!  I almost fell out of my chair when I read that email.  How this note (and I do believe it was from my Gran to me) found its way into a new package of cards is beyond me.  Those of you who have visited the studio, know how organized I keep the inventory.  Alas, it makes for a great story, and many thanks to Lori for her good humor about the situation.

Happy Saturday everyone!