Strange encounters from the Marco trip…

1.  A Zebra in a field of cows (twice we spotted these stripes on I75)

2.  For Sale:  Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls…(roadside)

3.  Hardcore karaoke singers at Porky’s Last Stand, including a Cowboy named Phil, and a man named “Sugar”…(who dedicated a song to his ex-wife.)

4.  A Manatee…(Leslie spotted him/her…I  missed it)

5.  Burrowing Owls

6.  Two girls from the same class of ’99, but of a rival high-school

7.  A woman with 11 yorkies

8.  A semi truck, burned to a crisp

9.  Evidence of an unwelcome guest in our garage…

10.  A snake in our garage…which inspired Leslie to make her own list…

Note that the real culprit was not included on Leslie’s list…

More from our trip in the coming days…until then, Happy Mother’s Day.

a solution of sorts

April 14, 2008

Spent some time with the little apprentices this weekend.  We celebrated Spring with these tiny birdhouses…and enjoyed some great outdoor weather for painting…I was warned before we began this little adventure, that a large black snake, similar to the one mentioned here, had been spotted in their yard.  Ever the prepared hostess, Gricell had her hands on this, thus easing my nerves, and making me wonder why this solution was not suggested to me sooner.

….and missed! Went to let Ms. Vayda out yesterday…and thank you Jesus, I did not open the door. This was sunning itself on the brick step just on the other side of the glass…(at least I think that’s the specimen, as it was both black and fast, I mean really fast…oh and maybe 4 feet long…) Needless to say, I ran screaming for Nick and his handy-dandy Red Ryder…by the time he arrived it had slithered elsewhere, and just as I was insisting he hunt for said beast, the monster came out of hiding and made a run at me…I swear I’m not exaggerating…just ask Nick. Now, I fear, It has made it’s home in my yard, and what if…just tell me what if Ms. Vayda has an encounter???