November 4, 2011

One sunny day, I was startled by the sound of Vayda about to jump through the sliding glass doors.  I went running to see what the commotion was all about…not one, not two, but THREE kid raccoons walking from one side of our yard to the other, taking their sweet time as if they owned the place.  I ran for my camera, and managed to capture a shot of one of the trespassers  on their way up the fence…

raccoon invader

Since that day, I’ve yet to lay eyes on that crew again…the squirrels, however, are a different story.

squirrel snack

My entire patio is littered with chewed up nuts.  What’s worse, if we (humans or dogs) attempt to sit out back and enjoy the nice fall weather, they take to launching bits and pieces of gnarled up nuts (with great accuracy) at our heads!

Hickory Tree

The trees are so dense with moss, it’s hard to even spot our attackers…and would you believe that I actually had one squirrel come knocking on the glass doors?!  Oh yes, he did! I kept hearing a thump thump thump, and there, on the other side of the glass was a bold (must be their leader) squirrel using a huge hickory nut he found in the yard to tap on my glass doors!

I know so very little about these creatures and their capabilities…I’m a little scared as to what comes next…