out of control

May 11, 2009

and out of focus for that matter.


This (along with spacey blog posts) are the result of wedding prep and house hunt and family obligation.  Please forgive.  Even if I found the inspiration, I wouldn’t know what to do with it, or how to organize it right now.  If Vickie lived within a three state radius, I’d commission her to give my studio some much needed love.  Just look at how conducive her space is to creativity?  Dreamy.  I know.

need i say more?

May 18, 2008

my poor poor studio…a train wreck at best…

Still haven’t recovered from thisthis…or this…but I assure you, super fun projects are in the works, and I’ll be posting them like mad as soon as I clean up this horrid mess!

where have i been…?

November 20, 2007

Trapped in my studio…revamping the whole room.  It all started when I could no longer walk in there to see those wretched blinds…I HAD to have curtains…(especially considering I’ve had a few people actually want to stop by and view my work space…)  Now most people have this misconception, that because I paint murals, my own abode must be decked out to the nines…NOT TRUE…In fact, I spend so much time on commissions, that I hardly have  time to hang paintings on my walls.  So I finally took some time…(and I apologize to those loyal readers who missed my blog…)  made some curtains, and a table cloth…recovered my bulletin board to match my new curtains, and gave Pinkie and Blue Boy a new home.   Oh and spent a considerable amount of time hauling things up to the attic.






October 29, 2007

Hola folks…it’s come to my attention, that some of you are having problems posting comments to my blog…I apologize for this error, and I’m doing everything I know how to resolve it quickly…so please hang in there, and we’ll get it taken care of shortly…

Hope you all had a splendid weekend. I spent the greater portion of yesterday re-organizing my train wreck of a studio…it’s finally all coming together and looks like I’ll still have a place for my brother to sleep when he comes to visit…lol!

I am in the early stages of a few new projects, and will post pictures as soon as I get back to the drawing board.

out of control

October 24, 2007

look…just look at this mess! At least I managed to get a full 8 hours sleep last night…(thanks a million Cima!) By the way, I hear there is a curious little store up north that sells storage for everything? Does anyone know the name so I can petition it to come here? At this point I might travel 100 miles just to get this mess straightened out…


poor mona…see her on the floor…I don’t think she likes it there…