my new favorite t-shirt

June 25, 2010

Designed by a dear friend, and probably one of the most talented artists Nick and I have ever met.  Jason Jones (or Bob to us) was the first friend we made at SCAD. We were both illustration majors, with completely different styles, but a mutual respect for each others’ work.  He’s working as a tattoo artist in Springfield, MO these days, and when I saw this t-shirt, it had to be mine…I’m a sucker for birds anyway…

owl t-shirt by jason jones

ps…sorry for the lack of posts here…I’ve been a busy bee in the studio…lots to share, but time escapes me!

i can’t wait!!!

October 18, 2007

Finally a little challenge has presented itself, (in the form of a mural), and it’s been worth the wait.

As a muralist, you get approached all the time to do things like paint Pooh Bear and Disney creatures, or other copyrighted materials.  YUCK!  Wouldn’t you rather have something custom that no one else has?  Something unique?  This is part of the reason why I steered away from marketing my mural work to the masses…maybe I’m a “muralist snob” but there is always the potential for a mural to “consume your life.”  It’s a long, tedious process, and personally, I’d rather spend 80 hours bringing my own creation to life rather than the creations of old Walt Disney…(hmmm I wonder if Tattoo artists feel the same way or if it violates their ethics not to ink what their client wants?  Bob aka Jason will know…(and no, he isn’t my personal tat artist, just an old college pal, and one of the most talented artists I have EVER met.)

Thankfully, I’ve been fortunate enough to have some wonderful clients over the years, and the new ones are no exception.  I’ll keep you posted on the progression of what looks to be a truly one of a kind experience!  And special thanks to all of you have allowed me to adhere rhinestones to your walls 🙂