Summer Happenings

August 3, 2010

In addition to my bloggy vaca, Nick and I took a “real” vacation this summer.  8 days in Disney World to celebrate his folks’ 30th wedding anniversary.  We stayed at the fabulous Polynesian Resort

Disney's Polynesian Resort Sunset

…which doubles as the after hours watering hole for about 60 ducks…

Disney Ducks swimming at Polynesian Resort Pool

We spent time in nearly all the parks, but some highlights included…

Walt Disney's Desk Disney World Office

…a peek a Walt’s office.  His quote, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible,” stayed with me the entire trip.

Disney Epcot Spaceship Earth at Night

Epcot (my first trip there)…can I just say A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Disney Epcot Fireworks Show

If you ever get the chance to see the fireworks display at Epcot, I highly recommend.

Of all the countries, Nick and I took a particular interest in Japan…I brought home birds (lots of them)

Disney Dishes from Epcot Japan Birds and Owls

Tiny little dishes that I’ve decided to use as ring holders and a great owl for which I have no immediate purpose, just had to have…

Owl Jar from Japan Epcot Disney World

Nick also brought home a bit of Japan, though his souvenir requires great love, patience and dedication…

Disney World Epcot Souvenir Bonzai Tree

I prefer mine to just sit and look pretty.

Anyhoo…it was a pure joy to escape for a while, and as hectic as that place can be, it’s awfully inspiring if you can separate yourself for a spell and take in all the little details that Walt so carefully planned.

the end

April 29, 2009

My Australian vacation ends here.


I’m not quite sure what Flat Heather did to deserve this, but at least Bekah made it back home.

me. naked.

April 1, 2009

Well, mini-me, made-out-of-paper, naked.  You dirty minds you!  Just a little April Fool’s Day fun.


Now why on earth would one produce a paper version of themselves?  Because Bekah’s going to Australia, that’s why.  I’ve been slaving away at that wii fit, but I just don’t think I’ll be able to make the 50 pound weight limit.  So  “Flat-Heather” will go in my place…a concept not too far off from this guy.

Even a Flat Heather must travel in style…


She’s even packed relatively light…


Only 2 pairs of shoes for a week in Australia…I’ll bet she has Bekah beat by a mile!

Anyhoo…Flat Heather leaves Saturday for her grand adventure.  Bekah will so graciously document the experiences of mini-me and I’ll be posting her stories to this blog…so be sure to come back soon!  Oh and have a fabulous April Fool’s Day!

©2009 Heather L. Young


May 2, 2008

I’m lost without them and absolutely OCD about the process…(I can only cross off so many things, before I have to rewrite / condense the list)…

Furthermore, I’d never make it on this vacation without my lists…that’s right folks! Vacation starts tomorrow, and while I’ll be disconnected from this little blog for a week, I will have my celly…(although I can’t promise a quick response) I also vow to spend a good portion of my time plein air painting, nourishing my creative spirit while basking in the sun, and sipping martinis…(lots of them)…

I’ll be returning on May 10th to an exciting string of new projects, which will be diligently documented on this blog…so please come back!



to take pictures of the Under the Sea mural progress…and boy did I make some today!  One last major endeavor, the ceiling…(eating paint can be sooooo much fun)…Then a touch up here, a quick fix there…some furniture arrangement, and we’re done!  I’m beginning to believe I might actually allow myself to relax on vacation…

It’s getting there…trying like mad to finish prior to vacation…that’s right people a real vacation…(and in case you’ve been reading this blog and see that I occasionally take a weekend in Hilton Head…note that is not my definition of a vacation.  A real vacation requires at least 5 days, no schedule, no computer, no email, no work, no obligations or worries…)  I am going to disconnect from all the technology we find ourselves submersed in, and take some much needed time to rev up my creative spirit, catch up on sleep, spend time with my bestie, and throw back margaritas on the beach.  But it’s not here yet…8 1/2 days to pump out this mural…sell some art and tie up a few loose ends…

this week I find myself inspired by the polka dot queen herself…Bekah

oh happy turtle…

and yellow tangs…do you believe they actually have 2 yellow tangs in their fish tank!  I just chose them for design purposes…love those unexpected surprises!

All Artwork ©2008 Heather L. Young and may not be reproduced without permission from the artist.

just the two of us…

October 15, 2007

Took a wonderful little siesta in Hilton Head this weekend.  (I love this place when it’s NOT tourist season)  Overindulged with everything…food, nature, fruity concoctions, star-gazing, sleeping in…it was great.  The next time you visit these parts, I highly recommend the Sea Pines Forest Preserve…(don’t know why we never discovered this little gem on previous trips to HH but it was a great way to get some exercise and explore swampy Carolina.)


“just the two of us” means we can’t take a decent pic of ourselves!


every time I wake up to this awkward little palm, I want to paint it…


a couple of a different variety….