Lover’s Oak is located in historic Brunswick, GA, and is thought to be over 900 years old! Legend has it that Native American lovers would meet under its magnificent branches to kiss.  The trunk alone measures 13 feet in diameter.  So beautiful!

Lover's Oak Tree Fine Art Print Watercolor Pen and Ink Drawing

Lover's Oak Tree Fine Art Print in Natural by Heather L. Young

Prints are available in theinklab in Natural, Moss and Icy Blue.  If you’d like one in time for Valentine’s Day, be sure to order quickly!

All artwork ©2013 Heather L. Young

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2011

Thomas Jay makes his official card debut!

Thomas Jay Valentine

Limited edition of 1 – just for my Valentine xo

pen & ink, cut paper and some really sorry calligraphy

Secret Valentine #2

February 18, 2010

It’s always fun to paint something that you would fancy in your own home.  It’s even more fun to paint it, knowing that it’s a special Valentine’s Day surprise.  And, as if it could possibly get any better, I got to paint it for the oh so talented Jade McCully. Trust me, her photos will be much better than my sneak peek below…but you get the idea…

Birch trees on a crisp yellow-green.  Loves it!

There’s something about a landscape painting that speaks a little louder than just a photograph. It can capture the mood, the atmosphere, that specific moment in time that reminds you of the day you got married, the view from your honeymoon balcony, or maybe the place where you met and fell in love….awwwwww!  Just think of the possibilities!  (and the look on your Valentine’s face when you give him/her this thoughtful reminder of fun times)  Anywho…we haven’t much time til February 14th, so be sure to book quick!  CLICK HERE for all the deets and don’t forget to spread the love!  xo

The Tree Nick & I got married under ♥ ©2009 Heather L. Young

Etsy is such a wonderful medium for meeting new artists!  I received a “convo” from etsy seller, PaperMichelle, that she had included me in her fabulous guacamole treasury…(clever idea, I know)…


See my Little Garlic hanging out in there?  Click here to find out more about the other lovelies in this treasury…

Anyhoo…I thought I’d take a peek at the PaperMichelle shop, and boy did I find some gems, perfect for you little love birds out there.  All of Michelle’s cards are intricately hand-cut…no die cutters around here!


(I figure she’s about as much a ninja with an x-acto blade as I am…maybe even more so)


Delightful aren’t they?  I hope you’ll take a moment to visit her shop, and show her some love.

Photos courtesy of  PaperMichelle may not be reproduced without permission of the artista herself.

Have a lovely Tuesday!

it occurs to me…

January 16, 2009

that on this early Friday morning, we are nearing (among other events) Valentine’s Day! Before my schedule heats up, be sure to get your custom pen & ink drawings commissioned.  I mean what could be sweeter than an elegant sketch of your love nest?  Or surprise your sweetie with a sketch of their childhood home!  All I need are the best photos you can find…(if you’re local to Savannah, I’ll gladly take them for you)  Oh and if you get your order in quick, there will still be time for my friends at Turtle Creek to print your custom drawing onto beautiful Crane Stationery! Skip on over to The Ink Lab for more information.

Oh and speaking of Turtle Creek…I’ve got their very own custom ink in the works…here’s the rough pencil sketch…


copyright Heather L. Young 2009

Final pen & ink to follow shortly!

Wishing you all a super-fab Friday!

target practice…

February 18, 2008

It was probably against my better judgment to buy Nick a Red Ryder BB Gun for Valentine’s Day…but I did it anyway. I had heard stories of him shooting up his closet as a child, and trying to hit a bird or two…so I had naturally assumed that his parents had gifted him with the BB gun of his youth.  WRONG!  After I have bought said Red Ryder  (and 4400 BBs) I find out that the bb gun of his youth was supplied by a friend.  Apparently, Jim and Peg felt Nick wasn’t responsible enough to have a BB gun…(and some 15 years later I wonder the same)…so in an effort to keep his sight off of living things…(except for snakes, he can shoot as many of those as he wants…)  I made the following “Bad Kitty” target.


I guess it’s a good thing his aim isn’t too good…lol!

today i give to you…

February 14, 2008

THE official Vayda-Valentine! I got some crafty time in with Bekah on Sunday, and decided to do some good old fashioned print-making. It was quite therapeutic to carve my little block…and while I could have laced them with all sorts of “extra” Valentine’s Day adornments…I liked the “ruff” quality and uniqueness of each hand-pulled print. Hope you all have tons of love this Valentine’s Day!  Hugs from me and my rotten dog.




copyright 2008 Heather L. Young

a week of hearts…

February 13, 2008

Some time ago a person so very generous of her time, Dr. Rachel Peeples, asked for some logo design help. While logos, are not something I specialize in (nor really care to)…I am capable of doing them…if they suit me…as in…I need to have some motivation, and a more illustrative approach to them…if you’re looking for a “monogram” type logo, I’m not your girl…does that make sense? Anywho…I’ve been pondering the “visual” for Heart of Dixie Akita Rescue for sometime. hmmm…Heart…Dixie (as in Magnolia or Antebellum home)…Akita…that’s a lot of “visual” to pack into one logo. So I roughed out some sketches, and landed on this idea…a very simplistic approach I might add…


Of course I submitted roughly 8 designs for Dr. Peeples to ponder…and she may very well point me in a different direction all together…but I like the simplicity here…more so…it offers another clue as to tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day post…think about it…