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Throwback Thursday

If you or your foodie lovin’ friends need to revamp your kitchen, today is your big day!  Use the code:  APRIL50 to get 50% off your entire order in The Produce Stand.  TODAY ONLY!

Food Paintings by Heather L Young

I even still have a few canvas prints available for purchase. These were a very limited edition, so grab them fast!

We had Elliot baptized a few weeks ago, and in celebration of the big day, we ordered some festive confections from Two Smart Cookies.

Two Smart Cookies Savannah

In addition to the best homemade cookies in town, they also have a lovely gift shop that features work from local artisans.  I’m happy to announce that they now carry Oak Notes.  Which is a good excuse for me to get some fresh cookies on a regular basis.

Savannah Live Oak Note Cards

I don’t think this post would be complete without a pic of the smiling, still toothless baby who played a roll in making it all  happen…

Elliot Baptism

Happy Spring y’all!


It’s a high of 81 degrees here, but I’m guessing Nice Rink owners have benefited from the Polar Vortex this year.  I had the pleasure of designing their mugs this year, super fun change of pace!  Thanks Jill & Jim.

Nice Rink Mug

I LOVE how they turned out!

Custom Mug Drawing Pen and Ink

Nice Rink Mug

I also love looking outside at my green grass and blooming azaleas…sorry Chicago friends…but if it makes you feel any better, I’m stuck, inside, yet again, doing my taxes…bleh!

Love love love this sweet face!  Did I mention, Boz’s Mama is a super talented photog in Savannah?

Boz Pet Portrait

If you like my Facebook Page you’ve seen some of the progression of this portrait.  I’m soooo lovin’ painting this sweet beagle face!  I still need to add the finishing touches, but you won’t see those until Diana does.  The under-painting is acrylic, then I apply thin oil washes until I build up a nice intensity in the paint.  After each wash dries, I carefully subtract the paint with erasers until I have built up a nice contrast.  The final step will be to top it off with some oil paint in a more traditional manner to make things like the whites of her twinkly eyes “pop.”

Beagle Pet Portrait Oil Painting

Vayda’s Pet Shop is still undergoing a much needed overhaul.  Until then, email me if you’d like to inquire about your own custom pet portrait.

jack star

I was fortunate enough to spend many years working for Jack’s beloved wife, Cima.  I spent so many hours in that home, Cima, Jack and their brood of rescued animals became family.  I’ll never be able to sum up how special they are in a simple blog post, so I’ll let Jack’s last wishes and Mary Landers do the talking.  In his final days, weak, and unable to eat himself, Jack, feeling as though he hadn’t done enough with his 80 years, wanted to feed the hungry.  In his honor, he asked two things:

1.  Encourage people to clean out their pantries and donate to food banks…and not just around the holidays.  Make it a regular occurrence to keep those banks stocked! People aren’t just hungry around Turkey Day.  If you’re local to Savannah, you can do this here:

2.  By his birthday, he wanted enough money raised in his honor to give the Gift of an Ark to Heifer International.  That means, two water buffalo, two cows, two sheep and two goats, along with bees, chicks, rabbits and more to be given to a community in need.  This gift can improve the lives of families for generations by multiplying and passing on the gift.

Now here’s where I need your help.  All I need you to do is CLICK and give whatever you can to help us reach our goal.  Only have $5?  That helps!  Wanna give a flock of chickens? Seriously…a flock of chickens only costs $20!  It’s a tax deductible donation and I could think of a million other reasons why you should muster up a few bucks and donate…you’d make your mama proud, good karma, your good deed of the day.  Whether you had the pleasure of knowing Jack or not, I’m reaching out and asking you to help  us make his final wishes a reality.

Thank you in advance for your consideration, and Jack, thank you for being you.  You did more selfless acts in those 80 years than you ever gave yourself credit for, and I’m honored to have called you a friend.




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